Post Christmas Calm

Hello friends! So the 25th and the 7th are now in the record books. And of course, they were not without incidents...good and bad. In 2015 we had the completion and expansion of the veterinary hospital; turning 40 (yikes!); becoming the mother of two teenage boys (little men); my dad's retirement party (after 30 years in pathology); a mini-family reunion which included family from CA, GA, NY, NJ and Egypt; the departure of a friend's father: these are the most vivid events that come to mind, and I am sure that I am forgetting much more, with and without choice. But in the heart of it all (even with all the stress, confusion, sadness, pain, disappointment and doubt this earthly world brings) we are all truly blessed to have had a year filled with glimpses of laughter from babies, congratulations from dear friends, hugs and kisses from loved ones near and far, remission from our sins, and a promise that with the birth of Jesus a new year begins. 

How were your holidays?



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Cardigan: Ruby Moon. Find similar look here.
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Purse: Rag and Bone. Find similar here. 

Earrings: Sabika
Chain Link Necklace: Sabika

Ring: Effy. Find similar here.
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