Stripes on Stripes

TGIF! I worked both jobs today, the non-profit and the animal hospital so I had to dress for both. At the non-profit, I had a long, lunch meeting  at Panera Bread with a local school district administrator. I ordered the vegetarian garden vegetable soup with pesto. It was delicious. I could have opted for an apple instead of the baguette, but since it isn't a creamy soup, I needed something of substance with it. Meeting went well.

At the animal hospital it was CRAZY! We've been getting ready for our AAHA evaluation which is in April. And for you who don't know, this is a voluntary evaluation that hospitals sign up for. The association evaluates the hospital on 19 standards...from HR to housekeeping. Statistically, only about 15% of small animal hospitals in North America are AAHA accredited...fingers crossed. We've been AAHA-accredited since 1958. 

Between interviewing for vet techs and revising the necropsy protocol, I am tired! 

On a completely different topic, I am still waiting for my J.Crew purchases. And last night, in a moment of complete weakness, I made a "facebook" Sabika purchase. How could I pass up a "software error" that extended the 50% off fall & winter 2013 collection? Well,  I didn't. Can't wait to get my juxtaposition 6 stone choker. Find here.  Will show you when I get it.

As for now, I'm going to get a cup of coffee, relax and watch some "reality" t.v.

Hope you had a fantastic Friday.



Here's the look:
Dress: Gap. Find similar here, here, here and here.
Shirt: Jones New York. Find similar here.
Hose: George c/o Wal-Mart
Boots: Bandolino. Find similar here. 
Necklace: no name
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: groopdealz

For a "no name" necklace, I get a lot of compliments on it.


Bundled in Pink and Red

Another snowy, snowy day in the Keystone State..cold, snowy and miserable. Thank God I have a job (or rather jobs) that doesn't allow me to wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt to work. I can't imagine how I would feel or be if I got up in the morning, stayed in my pj's and spent the day looking at this awful weather. Ahhh! I needed a bright color today...this is becoming to be a trend...bright colors, Vitamin D gel caps and pictures of tropical resorts. 

There's definitely a link between clothing, make-up and mood--at least in my mind. A smoky eyeliner and a sparkly lip is all I need (and a piece of jewelry) to temporarily forget that I am living in Antarctica. 

What do you do to tackle the winter blahs?



Here's the look:
Sweater: a.n.a. c/o jcp (old). Find similar here, here and here. 
Shirt: Ralph Lauren Oxford. Find here.
Pants: Ellen Tracy Wide Leg Trousers. Find here.
Shoes: Madden Girl. Find here.
Purse: Fossil. Find similar here. 
Necklaces: groopdealz. Find similar here. Sabika. Find similar here.
Earrings: Sabika. Find similar here.
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Brighton
Lip: Estee Lauder in Plum Divine Shimmer.


Order Has Been Shipped

It's amazing how a few words (4 to be exact) can change a sullen mood. I haven't been feeling well the past couple of days, and so I decided to do something about it last night. Yep, I got out the credit card. Well, my husband's credit card. Surprisingly, the credit card sheriff  (a.k.a. my husband) did not come after me. Nope...not a warning, citation or arrest. This episode could be explained by either one of two things: he wasn't feeling well, or he wanted to make me feel better. Such a sweetie.

What did I do?  I went to J. Crew Factory and ordered three pieces (find here,  here and here) I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. TO. GET. THEM. 

I did get confirmation that my order has been shipped...words that made everything feel better. 

Hope you had a wonderful workday Wednesday.




Lace & Chains

Date night never happened yesterday...no fault of my hubby's, but I wasn't feeling well. It's a major let down when you wait all week for a night out (in this case it was trivia night) and end up not feeling well. I probably could have pushed myself to get ready and get out, but when something is supposed to be fun, I want to have fun...not feel miserable and make those around me wish that I had stayed home (I know, me not being fun? Hey, it happens). And you know, that is the difference between going out and going to work. I push harder when I have to go to work.

Today was different. I didn't have to push myself to go to church...my haven. Tomorrow marks the start of the Great Lent, 55 days of fasting, praying and giving alms. At least, this is what is supposed to happen. Of the three, praying is definitely the most challenging for me but when I do it, it provides me with abundant comfort. 

On a different note, I'll have to share some of my lenten meals in the upcoming days. 

Hope you saw the sunshine this Sunday.



This is what I wore to church today.
Blazer: Kasper. Find similar here.
Lace blouse. Find similar here.
Velvet Pants. Find similar here. 
Necklace. Find similar here. 
Bracelet: groopdealz

These are the most comfortable pants I bought this year. I am obsessed with stretch velvet.

So delicate. I like that I can change the cami underneath with other colors depending on what I am wearing.

I love my Brighton earrings. I'm wearing them in brushed silver. Find similar here.


Greener Pastures

Oh, how I long for spring! Another snow/ice day for the kids. By this rate, they'll be in school until the 4th of July. 

I needed another pick me up today, so I went straight for green slacks and flower print blouse. But because it is still winter and not spring, I needed a blazer to keep me warm.

The work week is almost over, and I am excited for a Saturday outing with my husband.

Hooray for Wednesday!


Velvet Blazer: Old Navy (super old). Find similar here and here.
Blouse: Calvin Klein (old);
Slacks: Chaus (last year)
Shoes: Anne Klein (last year). Find similar here and here. 


Watch: Fossil (birthday gift from hubby like 10 years ago);
Brighton bracelet: Find here.
Beaded bracelet: no name
Sabika gold shadow fun bracelet. Find here.
Gold bracelet: my grandma's

Brighton gratitude earrings. Gift from my friend. 

Necklace: no name
Ring: no name



I can't believe I am saying this but I love geometry...well...geometric clothing. I saw this dress at jcp on the clearance rack for $4.97. For that price, I didn't even bother trying it on. I thought if it doesn't fit me, I'll give it to someone else. I do that A LOT. This may explain why my closet "hosts" items that range from size 8 to size 14. I may have a genetic condition that causes me to do this...it's called, LMLD Syndrome. Don't bother googling that. I made it up...it stands for Like Mother Like Daughter. I've learned from the best, my mom.

I love a good bargain. There is an Egyptian saying that goes something like (weak English translation coming up), "It all depends on the stuffing." I know, you may take offense to that comparison but really, it doesn't matter what something looks like on the rack. What makes something look nice is the person wearing it. And who doesn't LOVE stuffing? How about that for a cultures lesson?

I decided to go geometric all the way from the dress to the leggings. 

See, an English teacher can get creative with geometry!

Happy Tuesday!


Dress; jcp. Find online here. Since this dress is sleeveless, it would look cute in the summer with wedges.
Jacket; Bisou Bisou (super old). Find similar here.
Shoes: Aerosoles. Find here.  I think I have three pairs of the same shoe in different colors.
Necklace: no name; old.

I can't remember where I got these leggings, but I love them. 

Love the built in pockets.

Sabika earrings and lipstick, Lancome in Breathless.

Circles on diamond print

Zipper detail

Geometry head to toe.

More geometry on the wrist with circles, rhombi and rectangles. Brighton bangles mixed in with other "no name" pieces.


Ice, ice baby!

Let me start by saying, I'm sorry...I couldn't think of anything else but Vanilla Ice to describe this post. 

You should know that I spent my entire Sunday in bed nursing a sore throat that started on Valentine's Day--thank God my husband and I didn't have plans. Sigh. Do you feel sorry for me? If so, which part...the sore throat or no V-Day plans?

I was hoping that when I did get enough strength to get up, I would see the sun shining; all the snow and ice melting; the birds chirping; my tulips sprouting and our 2 vehicles running (and not trapped in the snow). But that must have been my mild fever imagining all of that.

Instead, I got up and thought about some of my necklaces that remind me of this icy weather. That's when I knew I was starting to get better.

Going back to Vanilla Ice...do you know that he now has his own home DIY show?

Happy Monday!


Tricky "black ice"

The color of ice when the sun strikes

Ice on my windshield

Icicle formations

Icicles that form on gutters


If the Shoe Fits

I really don't mean to complain, whine or "compwhine," but I am desperately seeking spring. I'm tired of soaking up the sun in the form of Vitamin D gel caps... I'm sick of muddy footprints on my hardwood floors...I'm fed up with temperatures that are close to my age. Sorry. I said I wouldn't complain.

The fact that I can't wear certain pieces in my wardrobe or break out shoes I've been dying to slip on adds to my frustrations. It's amazing how much this horribly, cold weather is dictating what we wear, where we go, what we eat and how we feel. Argh!

Here are a few pairs that I've been wanting slip on but will have to wait for warmer temperatures to enjoy.

Hope you're having a sunny Saturday where you are.



These "Getta Wine" Madden Girl platform pumps are calling my name. I want to pair them with my boyfriend jeans on Saturdays and have them dress up my office attire on Mondays. Find here

I love the polka dot lining. 

I need to wear these Franco Sarto Sulu peep toe pumps NOW!  I bought them in the "caffe." Find here in different colors. 

My feet fair better in a platform pump over a traditional pump.

I could probably wear these leopard Natural Soul flats now, but I don't want the snow to ruin another pair of my shoes. Sold out at Naturalizer online. Find similar here and here
These would be cute paired with a red outfit.


Spring Anyone?

I am officially tired of winter. Tired of winter in PA. I don't ski, snowboard, sled or sculpt snowmen, so this adds to the misery.

I want to break out the sandals, slingbacks and stilettos (well, more like kitten heels). I think PA broke a record today with the number of snowstorms it has suffered this year. Hooray for PA!

This morning, as the snow was falling, all I could think about was spring. We planted tulips in the fall...wow, that seems like ages ago. I just may have a party to celebrate spring, and I am going to invite everyone who is tired of winter--this may require a Sam's Club run. But until then, I will have to settle for wearing flowers instead of smelling them.

I needed a pick me up this morning, and the Nantucket Blend was not enough.

Anyone else begging for spring?



Coming in from the cold.
Sweater: Old, Apostrophe Brand
Shirt: Old, Alfani. Find another pretty alternative here. 
Skirt: Style & Co
Shoes: Aerosoles. Find here.

Statement necklace: Groopdealz. Find similar here. 

Sabika black diamond golf necklace. Find here.
Sabika Daisy earrings. Find here. 

Sterling silver green stone ring: from Egypt. I remember haggling at the bazaar to get it. I love haggling.
Mint link bracelet: groopdealz. Find similar here. 
White pave bracelet: Brighton. Find similar here.
Watch: Michael Kors


Strong, Smart and Sparkly

I've mentioned before that I work with strong, smart ladies...strong, smart ladies who know how to run board meetings, balance budgets and negotiate contracts--tasks that require some brain power. And what is even more impressive is that these lovely ladies do all this while still being "sparkly." Hey, if you were about to sign a hefty contract, I would think that by having a sparkly person if front of you, "signing on the dotted line" (did you ever notice that the line isn't really dotted?) would be less painful and make the signature flow smoother. Believe me. It. Is.True!

And this lovely lady is no exception. Heather is not only good with numbers (she's the organization's accountant) but has great style and INSANE hair.

I am blessed to work with ladies that inspire and motivate me to work hard, stay competitive and remind me that I may have the same skirt...in a different color... that I could be wearing...if it's ever to be found.

Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday. 



Sweater: Kmart...um seriously, this is not a blue-light special; Button down: GAP; Skirt: Worthington; Boots: Dana Buchmann; Purse: Coach

This gold tone bib necklace is a great pop of color for this outfit. From Kohl's. It's an Apt. 9 piece. Find here. 

Worthington Pencil Skirt. Find here.


Cute Dana Buchman earrings. Heather snagged these for $3.80...cheaper than a Starbucks latte! It's all about having priorities.

I would be seriously remiss if I did not take a picture of Heather's mane. Seriously?? When Heather first started at the organization, I asked her if she had extensions (and yes, she still continued to talk to me). She does not have extensions...all natural.  I tugged on her hair and nothing landed in my hands. She's truly blessed. Her secret: Dove flexible hold hairspray. And I am sure good hair genes.