I can't believe I am saying this but I love geometry...well...geometric clothing. I saw this dress at jcp on the clearance rack for $4.97. For that price, I didn't even bother trying it on. I thought if it doesn't fit me, I'll give it to someone else. I do that A LOT. This may explain why my closet "hosts" items that range from size 8 to size 14. I may have a genetic condition that causes me to do this...it's called, LMLD Syndrome. Don't bother googling that. I made it up...it stands for Like Mother Like Daughter. I've learned from the best, my mom.

I love a good bargain. There is an Egyptian saying that goes something like (weak English translation coming up), "It all depends on the stuffing." I know, you may take offense to that comparison but really, it doesn't matter what something looks like on the rack. What makes something look nice is the person wearing it. And who doesn't LOVE stuffing? How about that for a cultures lesson?

I decided to go geometric all the way from the dress to the leggings. 

See, an English teacher can get creative with geometry!

Happy Tuesday!


Dress; jcp. Find online here. Since this dress is sleeveless, it would look cute in the summer with wedges.
Jacket; Bisou Bisou (super old). Find similar here.
Shoes: Aerosoles. Find here.  I think I have three pairs of the same shoe in different colors.
Necklace: no name; old.

I can't remember where I got these leggings, but I love them. 

Love the built in pockets.

Sabika earrings and lipstick, Lancome in Breathless.

Circles on diamond print

Zipper detail

Geometry head to toe.

More geometry on the wrist with circles, rhombi and rectangles. Brighton bangles mixed in with other "no name" pieces.

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