Ice, ice baby!

Let me start by saying, I'm sorry...I couldn't think of anything else but Vanilla Ice to describe this post. 

You should know that I spent my entire Sunday in bed nursing a sore throat that started on Valentine's Day--thank God my husband and I didn't have plans. Sigh. Do you feel sorry for me? If so, which part...the sore throat or no V-Day plans?

I was hoping that when I did get enough strength to get up, I would see the sun shining; all the snow and ice melting; the birds chirping; my tulips sprouting and our 2 vehicles running (and not trapped in the snow). But that must have been my mild fever imagining all of that.

Instead, I got up and thought about some of my necklaces that remind me of this icy weather. That's when I knew I was starting to get better.

Going back to Vanilla Ice...do you know that he now has his own home DIY show?

Happy Monday!


Tricky "black ice"

The color of ice when the sun strikes

Ice on my windshield

Icicle formations

Icicles that form on gutters

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