Lovely Lulu!

I had to share this picture of Lulu, (real name Marina) my beautiful seventeen-year-old niece. I have always liked Lulu's style. In reality, she reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age. Bold and experimental.  A couple of years ago, she had on a pair of American Eagle jeans, and I remember looking at her and telling her, "I want a pair of those." The next thing I remember is Lulu taking me to AE (or rather I driving) there and saying, "Here, try these on. They're called Artist." How can anyone go wrong with jeans called Artist

Here I was a 30 something mother of 2, taking fashion advice from a teenager. I have to giver her credit. She can recognize a nice cut. I still love those jeans.

And here I am again, thank God STILL a 30 something mother of 2, admiring her casual style. 

You go girl!

Picture of Lulu taken as she was walking out the door Thanksgiving night. I didn't have a chance to ask her about labels but I know she was wearing American Eagle (find here) jeans.

This could be the start of something good! Penne and Pinot! 

                                                             Cooked Al Dente

                                    The only things I like smoking are my wines and salmon.

                        Check out this great recipe for smoked salmon penne from food.com.

                                             Bacon and celery in process...If looks could kill! 

                                                             My Mom makes the best!

                                               This is a berry, berry serious cheesecake.


Thanksgiving Today and Everyday

The turkey, after a long day of being washed, seasoned and roasted, was carved and devoured. Such a short but sweet life. Literally. The stuffing, mashed potatoes and grape leaves have all found a place in the refrigerator for either later or for tomorrow’s lunch. The sweet potato pie and cheesecake have all left an impression on the takers. And maybe a couple of pounds.

What a day! At first, we thought that my sister and her extended family were not going to make it because of mother nature’s wrath. But how unpredictable she is—mother nature that is. To my surprise and to my sister’s surprise, the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS today. Very happy they came and looking forward to Christmas with them and my brother and his family.

The house is starting to get a little colder because all the warm bodies have left.
So many blessings given from above. So lucky to have a loving husband. So thankful for my boys. So honored to have amazing parents who constantly surprise me.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Fit For A Queen

                                               DEFINITELY NOT OFF- THE- CUFF 
                                                            Bursting with color

                                                                  TOP THAT!


Addicted to Groopdealz

What should I do about my addiction? 

Is it possible to develop a jewelry addiction? No. Seriously. Is it? I think I am addicted to jewelry. If it glistens, I want it on my neck. If it whistles, I need it on my wrist. If it commands attention, I crave it on my finger. And if it dances in circles, it belongs on my ear. 

Addicts like me have found our dealer. And she is called Groopdealz.  Very early in the morning, she wakes me up and tells me she has the deals of the day, as she starts counting down until I make a decision. 

My latest purchase? A designer inspired crystal teardrop necklace by Jane Divine Boutique. Here it is.