Because of Nancy: Scenes from Home

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who loves this time of year! Love it! This time of year brings out my inner Martha and... Nancy. Of course, you're probably asking, who the heck is Nancy? Right? 

Let me tell you about Nancy. I met Nancy in 1986. That's a LONG time ago. Nancy was the Martha Stewart of my childhood. She's my best friend's mom. Nancy was married to Barry, an elementary school principal. He was not only an educator, but a jack of all trades. He fixed things around the house, built additions to their house, made platforms for Christmas trees...and to me, that was genius. And sadly, he has passed a couple of years ago. But let me go back to Nancy. I think that I confused Nancy. No. Wait. Maybe I scared Nancy, since I was always hyper when I went over to my friend's house. No. Wait. I wasn't hyper. I was just being myself. Maybe "myself" was too much for Nancy to handle since my friend and I are polar opposites. 

I just remember Nancy always shaking her head and cracking a corner smile whenever I would say something a little off color. Basically, she didn't know how to handle me.

Nancy was a stay-at-home mom. And she was my decorating hero. Having a mom who worked throughout my childhood, I was kind of jealous that my friend had a snack waiting for her when she got home from school; a bed that was made with fluffed pillows on top; and a decorated Christmas tree in her bedroom during the holidays. 

Every room in the house had a Christmas tree. And each tree had a theme. And the themes changed over the years. There was the apple tree. The handmade ornament tree. The picture tree. The elegant tree. The "basement" tree.

If you didn't get in the Christmas spirit while visiting Nancy's house, you definitely, absolutely, positively had a problem. 

When I would get home, I would tell my mom about Nancy's decorations. And she would say, "That's because she has time. I don't have time. I work." I never really bought that excuse. I just think that my mom didn't really care about Christmas decorations. The tree, the one tree, was plenty. No need for wreaths, nutcrackers, bells, topiaries, pinecones...I think she thought that stuff was just clutter. More stuff to clean up and take down.

As the years passed, Nancy never wavered in her commitment to Christmas. And I never stopped believing that when I have my own home, I would be just like Nancy. No, I am not a stay-at-home mom, but I, too, have a commitment to Christmas. Nancy would be so proud. 

Funny thing though...when my mom comes over my house at Christmas time, she knows who my Christmas decor role model is because without fail she says, "Are you copying Nancy?"

Thanks Nancy! Because of you, I have a festive home for my kids to come home to after school. But sorry, no snacks or a perfectly made bed. 


Living room Christmas tree. This year it's white and silver.

Picked up this Santa at Michael's. The lighted Noel I got from Big Lots of all places.

I've had these snowmen for a couple of years. I can't remember where I purchased them. They are sitting on my stairs. Kind of like sitting on top of the slopes.

Got this garland to spruce up this picture. I love this picture.

Every house needs a Nativity at Christmas.

This is one of the many Christmas plaques I have around the house.

Gracie would not get out of the way. She loves this tree, the red tree.

I love Santas. I have a weakness for jolly men who give out presents.

Pine cones with cinnamon sticks. Yummy!


Sweater Weather

Happy Sunday! With Thanksgiving celebrations over, it's time to start thinking about Christmas. I know that in my home, we will be extra busy this December with several personal and professional events happening.  I will be mother to two teenage boys, not just one. I think I can handle it. So far, so good. Haven't had any major, MAJOR attitude yet. Counting my blessings. My dad is retiring, sort of. His retirement party might be called a dress rehearsal as my sister has been calling it. The hospital's open house to showcase the addition to the building is scheduled. The staff Christmas party is nearing. So much more...

But thank God Mother Nature has been good to us so far...no significant snow as of yet. It's cold outside but not that brutal cold. Oh! Yuck! Hate the brutal cold. 

I have no time for snow this year. Sorry, Snow, can't fit you in my calendar. Maybe next year.

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday.



Here's the look:
Tunic Sweater: Inc. International Concepts.  Find similar here. 
Leggings: Ivanka Trump. Find similar here.
Booties: Lucky Brand. See previous posts.
Scarf: Boscovs, old
Necklace: Zara, old.
Earrings: Baublebar. Find similar here. 
Watch: Michael Kors
Crystal Bracelet: chloeandisabel
Purse: Coach. Find similar here.



Four letters: TGIF! The weather is still cooperating here. Another beautiful autumn day. And once again, I'm wearing green.

I swear to you, I did not plan on wearing green again, but...

Hope you have an awesome Friday.



Pants: Liz Claiborne
Blouse: Boscovs
Cardigan: Boscovs
Shoes: Anne Klien

Love these Betsey Johnson earrings. Find here.

Anne Klein shoes. Find similar here. 


Green Again x2

So I totally did not plan on posting anything today but I couldn't resist how beautiful this autumn night is. The hubster is back to having one day off during the week. Well, today is the first day off in 8 months...an almost full-term pregnancy. So he picked me up from the clinic and we went out to an early dinner with the boys. Please don't judge me, but I have been on a burger kick for about the past two months. Everytime we go out to eat, I order a burger. And as a former vegetarian (for 7 years), I can't explain what is going on with my eating habits. Maybe burgers are what a 40-year old is supposed to eat? Or could this be the result of fasting too much? I don't know. I almost ordered chicken, but then the BBQ burger with bacon and caramelized onions was calling my name. Geeze. What a cliché! I AM beginning to sound like a burger addict. Only time will tell (along with my waistline) how long this kick will last.

After dinner, my sweet-toothing loving huster wanted to get doughnuts, but not just any doughnuts. He wanted ones from Asiago's, a local a Tuscan Italian restaurant. So off we went. I was a very, very good girl and did not have a single one. I didn't even look inside the box.

But instead, I took the opportunity to get some photos of today's work OOTD. And surprisingly, I am wearing green again.



Here's the look:
Shirt: Macy's. Find similar here. 
Pants: Macy's. Find similar here. 
Shoes: Fila. Find similar here.
Purse: Emma Fox
Necklace: Groopdealz


Too Early for Christmas?

I can't believe it's already November. Yesterday we celebrated the hubster's birthday. He's a Halloween baby. My parents came over, and we had a nice dinner complete with a Halloween cake for him. When the boys were younger, I always decorated for Halloween with witches, ghosts, gourds, lanterns,  everything. As they got older, they didn't appreciate the decor. And so, I stopped at just having a pumpkin on the breakfast table and a fall leaves scented candle in the kitchen.

I am really looking forward to the holidays this year. So many surprises, but oh, I can't share them with you yet. I know this may sound premature but I want to put up the Christmas tree already. Why the heck not? Unlike Halloween, the boys love it when I decorate for Christmas. When we put up the tree last year, November 16, some of my facebook friends wondered if I forgot about Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. But I love Christmas more. Everything about Christmas is magical. And this year, it will be extra magical. Why can't we eat turkey next to the Christmas tree?

So in honor of Christmas, sorry Thanksgiving, I put on this green blouse. I was planning on pairing it with a red jacket, but I didn't want to look overly festive on the first day of November.

I can't promise that I will refrain from Christmas colors for too long.


Here's the look: Blouse: Laundry by Shelli Segal find similar here.
Skirt: Laundry by Shelli Segal find similar here.
Vest: B. Moss, super old. B. Moss actually filed for bankruptcy many years ago. I miss that store.
Leather Booties: Lucky brand. Find here.
Leather tote: Emma Fox. Find similar here. 

Link Bracelet: Brighton
Watch: Michael Kors


My Home Away From Home: TJMaxx

It's no surprise...I love tjmaxx. I mean LOVE! I can never leave there empty handed. Even if I walk in and can't find that "it" piece, I still manage to find things like an aerodynamic lemon peeler, atypical measuring cups that come in the form of spoons, and cute little ramekins that inspire me to bake...well, they're great for holding nuts too. So basically, when I can't find clothes, shoes or accessories, I hit the HomeGoods section. 

A couple of weeks ago, I managed to purchase these two pieces, not intending to wear them together. The skirt I thought would look good in late fall with heavy tights. And the blouse I actually wanted to wear with jeans. Kind of similar to this outfit I wore before here

But today, I thought that I would pair them together and see how it goes. Not bad. I probably should have tucked the shirt inside of the skirt but that would have been too constricting...maybe if I were wearing a jacket.

Hope you're having a fabulous Sunday...fall has definitely arrived.



Here's the look:

Blouse: Dahlia. Find similar here. 
Skirt: Lila Rose.
Shoes: Franco Sarto. Find similar here
Purse: Louis Vuitton. Find here

Necklace is a "Just Because" gift from my lovely Aunt.

Ring is a gift from my mom from Egypt.
Chain Bracelet is from Brighton.

Toe Polish Color: Revlon Colorstay, "Up in Charms."

I needed to get this organizer for my Neverfull. I didn't want the bag to lose its shape quickly. Luckily, I found this at Michaels on a recent trip. It's actually a paint supply organizer. 

This organizer keeps everything ready for easy reach.


Green Again

So I just realized that I have already worn elements of this outfit previously.But Wow! My hair was much, much darker. Last year, I wore this green jacket (see here) in April. And apparently, I like to wear the same piece of jewelry on my right wrist. 

It's already mid-September, and I wish that we could hold on to summer a little bit longer, but today's temperature is definitely on "I need a jacket" side. 

On a completely different note, I am waiting for recent purchases to come in. We have a wedding to attend in October, and I took the leap and ordered two dresses online. A. First. For. Me. The good news is I have free returns to the store. We shall see.Also, Coach was having another major sale, and I was able to snag two new pieces.

Hope you're having a blessed Sunday. Oh, by the way, if you're Coptic, today is the commemoration of the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist. Interested in reading more? Click here.


No full frontals of this outfit? All side pictures? Sorry!

No clue what I was doing here. I think I was trying to dance.

Crazy wind.

Here's the look: Jacket: jcp, old. Find simliar here. 
Blouse: Milano. Find similar here. 
Skirt: Premise.Find similar here.
Shoes: Mootsie Tootsie.
Purse: Kate Spade

These pearls were a birthday gift from my priest and his wife. Earrings: chloeandisabel