Two-Fifths Monday

Gotta love the start of the work week. A fresh start. A new adventure. A new list to tackle. I currently have three legal size tablets of notes and "to-dos" going at the non-profit. And how much of my to-do list did I complete today? Oh, probably two-fifths of the list. And it's not because I was blogging all day or shopping. It's because one meeting ended up taking (with transportation) over 4 hours. Draining? Definitely. Worthwhile? Absolutely. I have learned a lot over the past 5+years about building relationships. Mainly from my boss. Sometimes an extra long meeting is somewhat of an inconvenience and can take me away from my to-do list, but it's definitely worth it in the end--whatever or whenever that end may be.

Hope you had a good Monday and accomplished at least two-fifths of your to-do list.


Here's the look:
Shirt: No name
Pants: Joe Fresh.
Jacket: Kasper
Shoes: Franco Sarto

Necklace: Chloe + Isabel's Three Row Paillette Graduated Pendant. Find here

Ring: Chloe + Isabel's Ocean Lace Statement Ring. Find here. 


Chokers, Laughter and Sisterhood

No church today. The hubby is on-call all weekend, and my parents didn't want to contend with the weather this morning. At 8:05 a.m. my mom called and said, "Heidi (as if there is another female in the house)?"  "I don't think your dad and I will go to church today (we were supposed to go together). The weather doesn't look good, and your dad said there is freezing rain." "Um, okay," I replied. "So, bring the kids later and have some pierogies," she said. A total non-sequitur. 

Pierogies are my mom's go-to dish during lent. Potato and onion. She makes them almost every Sunday for church during lent. Wait. Let me take that back. She doesn't make them but rather heats up Mrs. T's. So really, Mrs. T made them. But, I shouldn't make fun of her as my husband makes fun of me. My go-to dish for church during lent is stir-fry...quick, nutritious and delicious. Every Sunday morning he says, "Let me guess? Stir-fry?" You know, there is something very comforting in familiarity. 

Needless to say, the kids and I stayed home the entire day... lounging around the house, getting some cleaning done (mainly the kitchen bar) and making dinner. I made vegan tacos. Yummy! HA! No stir-fry today.

But the highlight of my Sunday would have to be getting a special delivery (2) from my very favorite Sabika director, Kellie. If you have followed this blog, you know how much I love jewelry and jazzing things up. You also know how I've confessed to Kellie, in the past, about buying fake Sabika. You also might remember that she was very forgiving albeit not happy with me. 

Kellie came bearing gifts, not of gold, frankincense and myrrh, but of chokers, laughter and sisterhood. 

Chokers. Yes. I am wearing one below. 

Laughter. Definitely. Even though our conversation was brief and without alcohol, I laughed a lot...mainly about "designers" who sell knock-off Sabika and the people who buy them (guilty as charged). We even talked about a local designer's return policy which would make it virtually impossible to return anything. I think she even requires a copy your social security number and birth certificate.That's convenient!

Sisterhood. Without a doubt. That's the beauty of working, friending and meeting women with similar interests, and in my case, it happens to be jewelry. I am sorry to say this, but you will never find me at a tupperware party...I don't cook enough to even have left-overs. Or a frozen food party which would help me out, since I don't cook a lot, but nah. At the end of the day, frozen food is frozen food. And to my family, it doesn't really count as real dinner. So I just starve them.

But going back to the jewelry...it's not any kind of jewelry. It's jewelry that comes with a story. It's jewelry that empowers women; jewelry that builds confidence; jewelry that creates opportunities; jewelry that develops friendships; jewelry that enhances beauty; jewelry that donates to others; jewelry that breeds sisters...jewelry that speaks without whispering a word.

This is why I love representing chloe+isabel and still being able to appreciate and wear other designers, like Sabika. Both have a story to share and do not come with an obnoxious return policy.

Happy Sunday!



Lounging around the house today.
Here's the look:
Jeans: Guess, very old
Sweater: American Eagle, Christmas time. Find similar on clearance here and here.
Socks: Espirit, very old

Choker: Sabika's French Riviera. Sold Out. But find similar here.
Necklace: chloe + isabel's Tresors layering necklace and Tresors ornate pendant. Find here and here.
Bracelet: chloe+isabel's modern deco stretch bracelet. Find here

Close-up of beauty!

Earrings: chloe+ isabel's crystal square studs. Find here.  Ignore my crazy eyebrows...wrote about them before.

Bracelets: chloe+isabel's modern deco stretch bracelet. Find here and bead and multi-wrap bracelet. Find here


Pearls and Fotor.com

I am a little obsessed with fotor.com. I have never really come across an app that was sooo user friendly... EVA! I feel like I want to use it for everything...invitations, pictures, displays... you name it. 

I wanted to share some collages that I created using the app.

Let me know what you think!

Happy Tuesday.


Baguette and stone stackable duo rings. One word: L-O-V-E! Find here. 

Necklace. Find here. 
Love this collage...this collage uses different pictures. Wanted to highlight my chloe +isabel crystal spikes and pearls drama necklace.


Ready to Launch with Chapter 39

I sent out invites for my launch today via facebook, email and text. I am so excited to start this next chapter of my life. And I have no clue what took me so long to get to this chapter. I don't consider myself a fast reader, but definitely a critical one. I like to know the why and the how come. I might spend too much time analyzing a paragraph or a page, and this could drive others crazy, but I know that when I do come to a decision about a character or a story line, it is without regret.  And since I'll be starting Chapter 39 soon, the rising action, this is the perfect time to introduce two new characters, chloe + isabel.

I expect great things from chloe + isabel as they are major characters in this book (even though they're introduced in the middle) and are proving to be dynamic, not static...fitting very well in my life. 

Happy reading!



This is the invite I sent through facebook. I sent out another one via text that had more information.
 I love to layer. Find all these pieces on chloeandisabel.com/boutique/heidir
 Found these cute chicks at Michaels.
A little bit of everything.


Into Bloom

Happy SPRING! In honor of March 21st, I decided to put on a floral shirt....okay, I just lied. I didn't really plan on putting on this shirt today in honor of spring. I just found myself gravitating towards it this morning. I only found out that it was spring when people in the office kept saying, "Can you believe it's spring, and it's still snowing?" 

I found myself looking down all day to look at the flowers on this shirt instead of looking at the flurries outside. When I first purchased this shirt, I wasn't sure if the print would be too large to wear. But against a solid color, it is perfect. I think every woman looks great in a floral print.

How are you spending the first day of spring?


This is the only time when looking down is a good thing. Keep your heads held high ladies!

Here's the look:

Shirt: Lemon Grass. Find similar here. 
Cardigan: no name
Pants: Rafaella. Find similar here.
Shoes: Madden girl. Find here. 

Bracelet: chloe+isabel knots +bolts wrap bracelet. Find similar here. 
Watch: Fossil

Earrings: chloe+isabel pave hoops. Find here.  The crystals are inside and out of this earring...gorgeous!


Cable and Aventurine

My mom loves to shop, and I think this is where I get my shopping...*cough*...addiction. What I admire most about my mom is that she ALWAYS has something for someone. Basically, a constant Santa's shop. 

 ü  Looking for a scarf in July? Check
ü  Needing a pair of size 9 flip flops in December? Check
ü  Seeking a heating pad for your neck? Check
ü  You name it, she has it.

When I went to pick up my kids from her house yesterday, she said, "Here, I got this for you. It's not really your size, but it looks like it will fit. I got myself one too {but in a different color}."  How sweet...a just because gift. She's right; I am definitely not a petite anything, but this petite large sweater did fit.

This provided for the best opportunity to style the sweater with chloe +isabel pieces. I am totally in love with this dainty (and those of you who know me, know that I don't do dainty or matchy, matchy things) gilded reeds aventurine long pendant and matching earrings. 

Hope you're having a good week.



Here's the look:
Shirt: Per Se via Boscovs (worn in previous post)
Sweater: Liz Claiborne via jcp (gift from my personal Santa, my mom). Find here.
Pants: Sandro (super old). Find similar here.
Shoes: Aerosoles 
This is my "trying to be cool" pose.

Necklace: Gilded Reeds Aventurine Long Pendant. Find here.
Bracelet: Modern Deco Stretch Bracelet. Find here. 

Earrings: Gilded Reed Drop Aventurine. Find here. 


chloe+isabel are BOTH here!

Beyond excited. I should have taken a picture of myself tearing through my chloe +isabel starter kit yesterday, but again...I was beyond excited and wasn't thinking. My goal for this weekend is to plan my launch party. I can't wait to show off these pieces and just experiment with mixing them together. And most of all, spending time with beautiful women and playing dress up! My personal style mantra is when in doubt accessorize.

What I love about c+i collections is that you can wear the pieces with jeans (which I always have to dress up anyway) and with a business suit. 

I wanted to share some pieces with you today. Interested in purchasing any of these pieces and more? Visit me at my online boutique here. 

Let me know what you think.


This is liquid silver to me.
Three-row paillette graduated pendant. Find here

Nothing hidden about this treasure. This is from the estate vintage collection. Can I wear this everyday?
Multi-strand signature torsade necklace. Find here

Can you spot the honeycombs? No bees allowed here.
Honeycomb statement earrings. Find here

Mixture of pieces here.
Honeycomb statement earrings. Find here. 
Three-row paillette graduated pendant. Find here.
Organic link toggle bracelet. Find here.
Pearl + crystal drops long necklace. Find here.


Mixed Patterns and Brighter Days

Bring on the sunshine! It was cold earlier today, so this explains why my legs are covered with tights. If it were just 20 or so degrees warmer today (and my legs were not currently pasty, pasty white...even for an Egyptian), I would have gone sans hose. I'm loving the sunshine...haven't popped a Vitamin D in 2 days.

So excited to share with you pictures of my new project and passion (soon). I'm officially a chloe + isabel merchandiser. The jewelry is GORGEOUS...so gorgeous that I'm afraid that I'll end up purchasing every piece in the Spring catalog. Click here to learn more.



Here's the look:

Chain blouse: Decree via jcp (last year). Find here.
Skirt: New York & Company (last year).
Cardigan: Cable and Gauge (worn in previous post).
Shoes: Franco Sarto (worn in previous posts).

I don't know where I am going in this shot.
I love the pattern on this skirt.
Bracelets: Brighton and Sabika

Pave ring (old): Boscovs

Sabika necklaces


Plum Pleather

Pleather anyone? This was just the right amount of crisp and cozy today. I haven't worn this biker-chick pleather jacket in a couple of years. And let me tell you, I'm glad I did because it was cold in church today. 

Today's outfit included a mixture of textures and colors. This ended up being a great outfit to wear...we had a visit from the Bishop as well as a baptism...so I was dressed for both occasions.



Here's the look:

Blouse: Liz Claiborne. Find similar here.
Cardigan: Cable and Gauge. Find similar here.
Skirt: Premise. Find similar here.  

Shoes: Madden Girl. Find here. 
Purse: Emma Fox

Brighton bangles with Michael Kors watch and groopdealz link bracelet

J. Crew inspired crystal necklace via groopdealz
Flower earrings via Ashley Cooper

Absolutely love


Meeting, Soccer, Cleaning and Shopping

What a busy day! At the vet hospital we had our monthly staff meeting. Usually, meetings last about an hour, but this one was exceptionally long at over two hours. Lots and lots to discuss...from client intake protocol and the 12 top dog and cat toxins to office gossip and housekeeping (of which includes cleaning up pet "accidents"). It never ends but it must be done.

Took my son to soccer only to find out that he was the only one present...what gives? Never thought that recreational soccer would be the subject of borough controversy. Perhaps, a conversation for another time.

While cleaning the dinning room table, which has become our makeshift office (even though we have an office), I came across my Boscov's bill. My initial thought, "Um, when did this come?" Followed by, "$h!t, this is due tomorrow!" Luckily, Boscov's does accept in-store payments ( I wish T.J. Maxx and Victoria's Secret did as well). And while I still had one more day to make the payment, I really did not. Like many stores in our area, Boscov's closes at 5 p.m. on Sunday. And if you are a faithful betweenjewelryandjob reader, you know that I travel one hour to go to church on Sundays, and since you also know that our service is about 10 hours long (I had to throw in a hyperbole), I would have never made the 5 p.m. deadline. 

What to do? What to do? No choice but go pay the bill in-person. How long did it take me to do that? Two minutes. How long did I end up staying in Boscov's? Two hours! 

My philosophy (although it may sound demented to some people and fiscally irresponsible and gluttonous): why waste gas to just go and pay a bill when you can shop again now that you have paid the bill, and you are already at the mall. Crazy, huh? Also, shopping is best when you least expect it. Try to find something decent and affordable when you are in desperate need or in a time crunch? Never gonna happen. And even if you find something, most of the time, you are not really convinced of it because it was done in need or in a hurry. At least, this has been my experience.

Here's what I purchased today. I essentially ended up with four outfits by just purchasing one top...and when you see the price tags, you may, just may, adopt my demented philosophy.



This Grace Elements rose cardigan was on sale for $10. Original price: $58. You can find the cardigan online here but not at the price I paid.  I paired it with these Bandolino slacks (they have a cute flower pattern) which cost $6.99. Original price: $54. Necklace is old (groopdealz purchase).


Same cardigan but this time with this funky black and white Premise skirt. Skirt cost: $10. Original price of skirt: $58. Find similar here.  I added my white bubble necklace from Erica Lyons. I don't think that I am ready to phase out my bubble necklaces (all 4) just yet.
So this may look like the same pant from yesterday's post but nope! I did venture very quickly into jcp (can't remember why really) and was able to snag these Joe Fresh light textured, tartan pants for...wait for it...$3.97. Seriously! Original price: $49. Find similar here.  Here I added a necklace that I purchased a while ago. The green strands on the necklace compliment the pant color and tie the outfit together.
Final look includes the same cardigan but this time with another skirt by Premise. I LOVE the gold snaps on the side. Find here. Skirt price: $10. Original price of skirt: $68. I added a gold leaf necklace (old) to mirror the snaps on the side. Total purchase price for all 4 outfits: $40.96.

Remember, you can do this to. You just have to be willing to use a little creativity and work with what you already have in your wardrobe.


Such a Prep!

Absolutely gorgeous day today! See, that wasn't so bad... just one sentence about the weather. In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, I whipped out my plaid pants that I wore in a previous post and paired them with my Sam's Club sweater. And nothing screams preppy more than a white oxford shirt with a popped collar. This is what I love about fashion. One day I could be preppy; one day I could do cas; and on another day I could string on some pearls.

And of course, with all these wardrobe changes MUST come the appropriate accessories. 

I'm getting ready to launch my own jewelry business, and I am very excited to share it with you. Coming soon...




Left wrist: silver paperlink bracelet: Silpada. Find here.; watch: fossil
Bead bracelet: super old, can't remember where I got it.
Right wrist: Sabika crystal bracelet. Find similar here
Silver bracelet: Brighton. Find similar here.
Shoes: b.o.c. Find here.
Necklace: groopdealz
Ignore Santa in the background. I think it is time that we remove him and place him in storage. Maybe he's the reason for this weather...had to sneak in one more sentence about mother nature.


Mr. Rodgers' Sweater in the Mediterranean Sea

Mr. Rodgers' sweater made an appearance today...another cold, damp day in this great state. I've commented about the weather in previous posts (lots of previous posts), and I am sorry but I can't help it. The weather not only dictates what I can/can't wear, but also how my hair is going to end up looking and BEHAVING! It's a very selfish thing this weather. It doesn't know how many lives it can disturb (when it's misbehaving) and how many things it can affect ...from which shoe to slip on to how much leave- in -conditioner I need to slap on my hair. And today, the slapping was fierce. My hair hates rain. My hair hates humidity. My hair hates me. Sometimes.

Oh, the joys of having Mediterranean hair...at least that's what my friend told me I have.



This is me trying to beg mother nature for another sunny day!

This is me reacting to mother nature's answer for a sunny day. Can you say FRIZZ?

Here's the look:

Shirt and cardigan: JCP (old)
Jeans: AE
Shoes: Franco Sarto

Bubble necklace: groopdealz. I have this in gray too (wore in a previous post).

Waiting for the rain to stop!

Bracelet and bangles: All Brighton

Watch: Michael Kors
Link bracelet: groopdealz
Gold bracelet: grandma's