Ready to Launch with Chapter 39

I sent out invites for my launch today via facebook, email and text. I am so excited to start this next chapter of my life. And I have no clue what took me so long to get to this chapter. I don't consider myself a fast reader, but definitely a critical one. I like to know the why and the how come. I might spend too much time analyzing a paragraph or a page, and this could drive others crazy, but I know that when I do come to a decision about a character or a story line, it is without regret.  And since I'll be starting Chapter 39 soon, the rising action, this is the perfect time to introduce two new characters, chloe + isabel.

I expect great things from chloe + isabel as they are major characters in this book (even though they're introduced in the middle) and are proving to be dynamic, not static...fitting very well in my life. 

Happy reading!



This is the invite I sent through facebook. I sent out another one via text that had more information.
 I love to layer. Find all these pieces on chloeandisabel.com/boutique/heidir
 Found these cute chicks at Michaels.
A little bit of everything.

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