Mr. Rodgers' Sweater in the Mediterranean Sea

Mr. Rodgers' sweater made an appearance today...another cold, damp day in this great state. I've commented about the weather in previous posts (lots of previous posts), and I am sorry but I can't help it. The weather not only dictates what I can/can't wear, but also how my hair is going to end up looking and BEHAVING! It's a very selfish thing this weather. It doesn't know how many lives it can disturb (when it's misbehaving) and how many things it can affect ...from which shoe to slip on to how much leave- in -conditioner I need to slap on my hair. And today, the slapping was fierce. My hair hates rain. My hair hates humidity. My hair hates me. Sometimes.

Oh, the joys of having Mediterranean hair...at least that's what my friend told me I have.



This is me trying to beg mother nature for another sunny day!

This is me reacting to mother nature's answer for a sunny day. Can you say FRIZZ?

Here's the look:

Shirt and cardigan: JCP (old)
Jeans: AE
Shoes: Franco Sarto

Bubble necklace: groopdealz. I have this in gray too (wore in a previous post).

Waiting for the rain to stop!

Bracelet and bangles: All Brighton

Watch: Michael Kors
Link bracelet: groopdealz
Gold bracelet: grandma's

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