Into Bloom

Happy SPRING! In honor of March 21st, I decided to put on a floral shirt....okay, I just lied. I didn't really plan on putting on this shirt today in honor of spring. I just found myself gravitating towards it this morning. I only found out that it was spring when people in the office kept saying, "Can you believe it's spring, and it's still snowing?" 

I found myself looking down all day to look at the flowers on this shirt instead of looking at the flurries outside. When I first purchased this shirt, I wasn't sure if the print would be too large to wear. But against a solid color, it is perfect. I think every woman looks great in a floral print.

How are you spending the first day of spring?


This is the only time when looking down is a good thing. Keep your heads held high ladies!

Here's the look:

Shirt: Lemon Grass. Find similar here. 
Cardigan: no name
Pants: Rafaella. Find similar here.
Shoes: Madden girl. Find here. 

Bracelet: chloe+isabel knots +bolts wrap bracelet. Find similar here. 
Watch: Fossil

Earrings: chloe+isabel pave hoops. Find here.  The crystals are inside and out of this earring...gorgeous!

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