Linen Love

My friends know that 95% of the time, I plan my outfits the night before, including accessories. Last night the hubster and I went out for some drinks--celebrating our sweet sixteen anniversary a day later.

To cut it short and spare you the details, I didn't have enough time to plan out my outfit for today. So here is what I put together this morning. Minimal accessories...so unlike me.

Have a great Friday!


I love this linen skirt. I love linen. Period. As a side note, I'm getting my roots done tomorrow. Thank God!

Here's the look:

Sweater: old
Skirt: tjmaxx purchase
Flats: Lucky Brand
Earrings: Kenneth Cole
Cuff: Brighton



So I am very excited about the new Fall/Winter Botanica line. I want every, single piece. Seriously, I do. And I want every woman I know to own at least one (maybe two) pieces from this collection. Do you hear me?!

One word: gorgeous!

The pieces are intricately bold and vibrant.

The line launches tomorrow. I am so excited! Visit chloeandisabel.com/boutique/heidir (after 10 p.m. tomorrow) to see the new pieces. Photo courtesy of  Jessica Saint.

I wanted to share recent selfies...for no particular reason. Wait, yeah, I want you to check out this awesome jewelry.

This is the feather and cabochon long pendant necklace.

I love this overlapping metal disc collar necklace.

Can you say a must have? Papillon Nocturne Statement Necklace




Grammar Lesson 8 Years Later

What a day! I started out my morning chauffeuring my veterinarian husband around town. No, this isn't part of my new job as practice manager. But I did get a Panera lunch out of the deal. Instead, I was taking the guest veterinarian to talk to area campers about being a small animal veterinarian. The non-profit (same place I worked previously) runs preschool and school-age camps all summer long. Camps are theme-based and include a field trip. This week campers were junior veterinarians in training. And the field trip came to them.

The kiddos had great questions, and the hubster enjoyed interacting with them. And of course the added live kitty was a huge hit.

Non-sequitur coming up...

So this takes me to the most important part of today's post: shopping. After work, I had to run up and pay my bill at a local department store. I know that I can sign up for automatic payments and/or even send my payment in the mail, but I choose to never do that. Why? If I were to do that, I would forgo a quick shopping trip. I bought a couple of cardigans marked down to $4.99. I am a cardigan addict! 

Non-sequitur #2...

Okay, I lied. Shopping was not the most important part of today's post; rather that I saw one of my former students. I not only saw her but stopped and chatted for a little bit. After 8 years, she looks the same (can't say the same here). Funny thing. I only remember two types of students: the intellectuals and the "recalcitrants" or hybrids of both. She was definitely a hybrid. 

She's now an occupational therapist. She asked me if I was still teaching. And when she found out that I wasn't, she seemed shocked. She said, "Why? You were such a good teacher."was shocked that came out of her mouth. Even more shocked when she said, "You were so hard on us when it came to grammar. But when I had to write my thesis for my master's degree, I remembered everything you taught us."


Have a wonderfully, word-filled Wednesday.



P.S. If you find any grammar or style mistakes in today's post, please note that I am not as hard as I used to be.

Here's the look:

Dress: Old Navy, a couple of summers ago
Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Purse: Dooney & Bourke. Find here. 

Please forgive my bra strap...definitely not part of the look

Bracelets: chloeandisabel and Sabika. Find c+i and bracelets here chloeandisabel.com/boutique/heidir

Necklace: chloeandisabel



I'm loving these sunny PA days...hope they can last forever! It's hard to believe that in a couple of weeks, the boys will be back in school. I haven't gone school shopping yet and refuse to until the night before school starts. Well, maybe not that drastic...why do stores do that to us? They started with back to school shopping in July? If this is the case, I might just start Christmas shopping. Ridiculous. Let us enjoy our summer hues, seasonal fruits and cool shades.

How do you feel about this?



Here's the look:
Shirt: J.Crew. Find similar here.
Pants: New York & Company. Last year.
Shoes: Kenneth Cole. Find similar here in silver metallic here.
Sunnies: Ray Ban. Find here.

Necklace: No name
Earrings: Betsey Johnson

I am not a headband gal, but I had to get this when we were in St. Thomas. I am now obsessed with headbands.

Brighton bracelets