Thanks Giving

Today's sermon was about being thankful for everything that God has given us and what he has allowed to be taken from us. Basically, to thank God for everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. Our priest went on to ask how many of us are thankful for the air we breathe? Or thankful for having our five senses? How many of us are thankful for the little things we may take for granted? We have dedicated a day just for thanks giving; but everyday should be a day of thanks giving. 

I am definitely thankful for having a family to love and loves me; having friends who help me appreciate friendships; having a body that takes a licking but keeps on ticking; having God in my life and helping others to find HIM...


I am thankful for this.

A sweet note from a friend. Totally unexpected. Totally beautiful. 

Another totally unexpected gesture...A fresh wreath from a business associate.

These photos are not altered by any means. Yes, the snow has melted in 24 hours. Gotta love PA.

Here's the look:
Skirt: Worthington via jcp, old
Jacket: Ruby Rd., old
Shoes: Aerosoles

I bought this ring when I was working at the non-profit. I remember telling my friends at work that it was on sale for $5 (originally $80 or more), and the store had a couple more. It ended up that 4 of us bought this ring. Love sharing a bargain with friends.

A little Sabika on Sunday never hurt anyone. Like I said, I love ALL jewelry.


Black Friday Shopping with Ronaldo

Happy Super Saturday! Did you all go Black Friday shopping? I sure did... NOT. I don't know; I just never wanted something so badly like that...badly enough to get up earlier than I normally would to go to work. Well, maybe if Ronaldo (himself, in the flesh) was selling autographed jerseys? Nah. Maybe if Ronaldo was shirtless while selling autographed jerseys? Thinking about it. Maybe if Ronaldo was shirtless while selling autographed jerseys AND later bought me a soy, gingerbread latte from Starbucks (you know, to wake me up)? Done deal.

It amazes me how many people are already done with their Christmas shopping. Do they have helping elves? How do they do it? I still haven't made a list of names. Insert *panic attack!*

Thanksgiving was quiet this year. Since my parents were away (they're back) and the hubster was on-call, the boys and I stayed home. Oh, no, no, no don't feel bad for us. We were invited to partake of the Thanksgiving festivities (you know, the overeating, the loud and meaningless conversations and the endless heartburn) at friends, but I just didn't feel like going without the leader of the pack. So we had tilapia and calamari with all the fixings. Just so you know, this screams COPTIC THANKSGIVING!

But going back to Christmas shopping, I plan on doing some of that today. And to do that, I need to be C-O-M-F-O-R-T-A-B-L-E. How you may ask? With L-E-G-G-I-N-G-S!

Enjoy your Saturday!


Here's the look:
Sweater: jcp, very old
Leggings: no name
Boots: Judith, very old. Find similar here. 
Viscose wrap: Italca, very old
Very old seems to be the theme of today's outfit.

Love these studs. Find here at chloeandisabel.com/boutique/heidir

Love, love, love! Find all at chloeandisabel.com/boutique/heidir


Paul's Letter to the Philippians

I know what you're thinking, "She has definitely lost her mind with this post's title!"  Not quite. See, my son, a.k.a. this blog's photographersaid to me,  "You know, you don't write about Jesus anymore." And he's right. And on such a glorious day as today, with the sun shining and the temperature's above freezing, it's hard to ignore His presence. 

Yesterday's Sunday School lesson (yes, maybe hard to believe this too, but I am a Sunday School teacher) centered around Paul's Letter to the Philippians. Our class consists of 3 adults (including myself) and 4 teenagers (including my teenager). Pretty good ratio if you ask me. Intimate. Quaint. Personal. In other words, no room to run or to hide. 

Have you read Paul's letter recently? How amazingly beautiful, encouraging, uplifting and inspiring! In four short chapters, this imprisoned solider of Christ was able to tell his followers, to rejoice and be joyful because in this "race of life", Jesus Christ should be your ultimate goal, your finish line. He encourages them to love one another and be of one mind as a church. The entire letter exudes positivity. He tells them to rejoice and be joyful even in times of suffering. And that's what it means to be a Christian. We should always be joyful in anything we do...as long as we seek to know God. As Christians, we shouldn't be depressed and have a "woe is me" attitude. Paul certaintly did not in this letter, which makes him a credible writer. 

One of my favorite verses in this letter is, "For our citizenship is in heaven, from which also we eagerly wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ" (3:20). I think I'll use his words the next time I travel.

But of course, most readers would quote Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Aint that the truth!

So I guess I inadvertenly (*wink *wink) wrote about Jesus today, or at least about one of his men.



Here's the look:
Blazer: Super old, Worthington.
Blouse: Bellatrix from Nordstrom Rack. Find here. 
Pants: Old Navy. Worn in previous posts.
Shoes: Natural Sole

Can you believe it's November?

Tote: BCBG
Watch: Michael Kos
Green link bracelet: groopdealz
Cuff bracelet: gift from my mom

Chloeandisabel Bouquet Rouge Long Pendant Necklace. Find here. 
"For our citizenship is in heaven, from which also we eagerly wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ" (3:20).

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Color Block

One of the fashion bloggers that I follow announced recently that she's calling it quits for a while. While not a "professional blogger," she decided to concentrate on her studies (she's a college student) more and become "less superficial." She said that she got obsessed with her page statistics and "got caught up in the game." Um, am I missing something here? Aren't we all doing this for fun? Isn't this supposed to serve as a creative outlet? A modern-day, electronic visual diary?  I mean, at least for those of us who have real jobs? 

I actually get a little bummed out when I neglect to post for a couple of days, or recently in weeks. But sometimes it's not my fault. I don't have a professional photographer following me around or a stylist putting my outfits together. Instead, I have a 14 year-old boy with homework, sports and his own vlogging channel who can't be bothered to take pictures of his mother daily. Currently, I have a closet that looks like it's been ransacked (God forbid). Yes, ransacked. Clothes everywhere. Without being too graphic (neat freaks will be appalled and may send me to fashion prison), simply stated...the shelving could not withstand the weight of my clothes and accessories. I may have a problem. Even the hubby is at his wits' end (and he's a rather rational fella).  

So while I may not post everyday because of the aforementioned reasons, I do try to take, at least, instagram photos. #nophotographerneeded #usuallyjustheadshotsofjewelry #imayhavespelledsomethingwronginthesehashtags.

I promise to take before and after photos of the closet. I will get it fixed and it will be better than ever.

Any suggestions?


Here's the look:
Dress: Calvin Klein. Similar here.
Shirt: J.Crew
Shoes: Aerosoles
Purse: Kate Spade. Find similar here. 

Love my new chloeandisabel celestial frost convertible necklace. Find here.  Earrings also chloeandisabel. Find here.

Another shot of these gorgeous studs.

I am in love with Lancome's new Grandiose mascara. It's a work of art. Find here. 

Yes, I am in love with the bottle too.