My Home Away From Home: TJMaxx

It's no surprise...I love tjmaxx. I mean LOVE! I can never leave there empty handed. Even if I walk in and can't find that "it" piece, I still manage to find things like an aerodynamic lemon peeler, atypical measuring cups that come in the form of spoons, and cute little ramekins that inspire me to bake...well, they're great for holding nuts too. So basically, when I can't find clothes, shoes or accessories, I hit the HomeGoods section. 

A couple of weeks ago, I managed to purchase these two pieces, not intending to wear them together. The skirt I thought would look good in late fall with heavy tights. And the blouse I actually wanted to wear with jeans. Kind of similar to this outfit I wore before here

But today, I thought that I would pair them together and see how it goes. Not bad. I probably should have tucked the shirt inside of the skirt but that would have been too constricting...maybe if I were wearing a jacket.

Hope you're having a fabulous Sunday...fall has definitely arrived.



Here's the look:

Blouse: Dahlia. Find similar here. 
Skirt: Lila Rose.
Shoes: Franco Sarto. Find similar here
Purse: Louis Vuitton. Find here

Necklace is a "Just Because" gift from my lovely Aunt.

Ring is a gift from my mom from Egypt.
Chain Bracelet is from Brighton.

Toe Polish Color: Revlon Colorstay, "Up in Charms."

I needed to get this organizer for my Neverfull. I didn't want the bag to lose its shape quickly. Luckily, I found this at Michaels on a recent trip. It's actually a paint supply organizer. 

This organizer keeps everything ready for easy reach.


Green Again

So I just realized that I have already worn elements of this outfit previously.But Wow! My hair was much, much darker. Last year, I wore this green jacket (see here) in April. And apparently, I like to wear the same piece of jewelry on my right wrist. 

It's already mid-September, and I wish that we could hold on to summer a little bit longer, but today's temperature is definitely on "I need a jacket" side. 

On a completely different note, I am waiting for recent purchases to come in. We have a wedding to attend in October, and I took the leap and ordered two dresses online. A. First. For. Me. The good news is I have free returns to the store. We shall see.Also, Coach was having another major sale, and I was able to snag two new pieces.

Hope you're having a blessed Sunday. Oh, by the way, if you're Coptic, today is the commemoration of the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist. Interested in reading more? Click here.


No full frontals of this outfit? All side pictures? Sorry!

No clue what I was doing here. I think I was trying to dance.

Crazy wind.

Here's the look: Jacket: jcp, old. Find simliar here. 
Blouse: Milano. Find similar here. 
Skirt: Premise.Find similar here.
Shoes: Mootsie Tootsie.
Purse: Kate Spade

These pearls were a birthday gift from my priest and his wife. Earrings: chloeandisabel


Time Pieces, Etc.

Do you remember a while back, a couple of Decembers ago my post titled about Just Because? Just Because gifts can be so valuable. Priceless sometimes.

My brother and his family, who live in New Jersey, came over two weeks ago to spend time with us, since we hadn't seen them since their trip overseas, and since they will not be able to make it out here this Labor Day. 

My brother... older brother... only brother has developed an affinity for watches...to state it mildly. But, hey, I always think, it could be worse...use your imagination. COULD. BE. WORSE. I think he takes after my dad. So naturally, when those two get together, their conversations sound like this, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours";  and "I'll trade you this, if you keep this"; and "You got this for that? I got mine for this!" You get the point.

But during my brother's trip home, I found myself part of this elite duo. During our cookout, my brother was sporting this watch below. And I casually mentioned how cool it looks and how it looked familiar. And how I wanted to purchase this Daniel Wellington piece.  Wow! I can not even begin to describe to you the look he gave me as he said, "Don't spend any money on S#*! like that!" I found myself defending DW like I was heir to the all their time pieces. And so, when I couldn't defend any longer, past how much I liked "the look," he said, "Here. Take this. You like this, right? Well, it's much better than that piece you want." Or something to that effect. 

And in my mind, this is what was happening: 

What!? You just want to give me your watch OUT. OF. THE. BLUE? Another Just Because in action or what? What do I owe you? Wait, can I get another piece since you're in a generous mood? How about that other piece you were sporting 10 minutes ago? Wait, can I change this strap for that one? How much is this thing anyway? What's wrong with it? How old is this thing? Why do you want to give it to me? Should I be holding out for something better? 

And right then he said, "I've had this watch since 1990 (something) {he remembers the year, but I forgot}. It's been to a lot of places. It has some scratches. Happy birthday."

Wait. This is my birthday gift? My 4.0. birthday gift? A used watch from the 90's? 

Wow! It's perfect! I will remember my 40th as the birthday when my brother shared time with me.
Watch: Swiss Army, Wenger. Find similar here. 

You can tell where the scratches are. The stories this piece could share.

This isn't a Just Because gift. This is a gift with A LOT of sentimental value. A gift from my brother...my older brother...my only brother. My brother I love.