Stripes and Pearls

Happy Father's Day and the Glorious Feast of the Pentecost to all of you! If I look like a lobster in these pictures, it's because I spent about 9 hours on a soccer field watching my son play in a soccer tournament. His team came in 2nd place...not bad. My only regret is that I wish I put on some lotion. I'll try to remember that for next time.

This knit dress was a total bargain. I picked it up (in two colors) last week at the Banana Republic outlet store. In case you are interested, you can get this deal online (NOW) as well.
Here is the look:

Dress: Banana Republic (black and white stripes; online they have the navy option).
Shoes: Maddden Girl, super old
Purse: LV
Necklace: Chloe and Isabel
Earring: Baublebar
Watch: Timex

My feet look like a road map.


Brighton Day

What can I say? I just love everything that Brighton makes. I know that some ladies don't care for Brighton for various reasons, like its products tarnish or break, or cost too much.  I can honestly say that I have never had a problem with Brighton. Wait. Maybe one. A few years back, I bought a link bracelet and one of the links got "unlinked." Is that even a word? Regardless, I took it to a small boutique that sells Brighton (mind you, not the same place where I originally bought it), and they were able to send it back to the company to get fixed. I may  have just paid for shipping. But it came back to me better than new, fixed, polished and in a new pouch. And I have never had a problem since. I even like gifting Brighton. I think every woman needs a piece of Brighton.You know, almost three years I wrote to the company telling them how much I love their jewelry. I just needed to tell them that they rock and literally brighton my day. I wonder what the person who read my letter thought?

Maybe, something like, "Okay, lady. We get it. You like our stuff. We do too." 
"Yep, just the type of people we target: middle-aged women with a jewelry addiction. There are plenty of you out there. That's why we have an empire."

But in reality, my reply was a short, sweet note.

I wouldn't mind being their brand ambassador. Okay, now I just sound like I've been watching too much reality t.v.

If you haven't owned a Brighton piece yet, check it out...it just might brighten your day!



Here's the look:

Blazer: Kasper. Old.
Top: Liz Claiborne. Old.
Skirt: Calvin Klein. Old.
Purse: Dooney & Bourke. Find here.
Shoes: Tahari. Old.

I'm just amazed at the rain. 

Fish Necklace: Brighton, old.
Ring: Brighton. Find here. 

Watch: Fossil. Very Old.
Bracelet: Brighton. Old.


Not That Blue Dress

So, I just realized that in my last blog post, I mentioned a developing purse addiction, and I didn't even share one single picture. And today, I am sharing pictures without any purses attached. Strange. But this is real life I guess, and this is a "fashion" blog that is more like a "when I have time for it" hobby and "when they {the kiddos} have time to take pictures for me." Believe me, if I had a live in photographer, I would be sharing more than I do. Reality is that people don't click on or subscribe to fashion blogs to just read...they want to look at outfits. At least, I know that's what I do. I follow other bloggers to get outfit ideas. So many times, I look at an outfit and think that I have those pieces...maybe not the same brand or price tag but I have that cardigan; I can find that sweater deep in my closet; I will clean those boots...someday.

So the whole point (at least this is what I think) is to get inspired. This is why I do this blog. And in doing this, I inspire myself...to try new color combinations, textures and styles.

Sometimes, I can't capture the outfits because I don't have a photographer, but on the days that I do, I like to share them with you.

Have a great Sunday.


Here's the look:
Dress: Gifted from my mom. Love her.
Blazer: Evan-Picone. Find here.
Booties: Bandolino. Find similar here. 
Watch: Michael Kors.
Ring: Effy
Necklaces: Sabika
Earrings: Sabika

I think I was talking here. Probably saying, "Did you get the necklace?"

I have no clue why I am frowning, but it's a good shot of the outfit.

This is obviously me walking up to the camera because we were done. I definitely need a new camera.

Close up of the booties....salt and all.

Sabika chain necklace with Sabika classic choker...a just because from my wonderful sissy-in-law. Love her too.

These Sabika studs I won during a party. I wear them all the time now.


Caught The Purse Bug

It's no surprise to anyone who has worked with me, worshiped with me, walked with me or even "wined"  with me that I'm a jewelry addict. I don't know what it is about sparkly things (whether big or small, real or fake) that hypnotize me. I don't know if I mentioned this in a previous post, but when I was in high school, I used to look for things around the house (I mean anything) that didn't have an owner, and just try to construct and in some cases deconstruct them into something original. I remember walking into chorus class one day and one of my classmates asked, "Do you have blue rocks around your neck?" Blue rocks? Duh, this is a one-of-a-kind piece! These aren't rocks, I wanted to say. These are precious stones I found in my mother's vase, anchoring her fake flowers. But in reality, I did have BLUE ROCKS around my neck!!

Ahhh...to be 14 again! I would ROCK those rocks like a fashionista.

Jewelry addict? Yes. But purse addict? I'm not sure. I am beginning to scare myself a bit. I was never one to have a purse for every outfit or a purse that matches my shoes, etc. But lately, I've been purse loving. I haven't turned into a purse snob yet. And what I mean by that is I'm not exclusive to one brand or just luxury brands.

To be continued....




Post Christmas Calm

Hello friends! So the 25th and the 7th are now in the record books. And of course, they were not without incidents...good and bad. In 2015 we had the completion and expansion of the veterinary hospital; turning 40 (yikes!); becoming the mother of two teenage boys (little men); my dad's retirement party (after 30 years in pathology); a mini-family reunion which included family from CA, GA, NY, NJ and Egypt; the departure of a friend's father: these are the most vivid events that come to mind, and I am sure that I am forgetting much more, with and without choice. But in the heart of it all (even with all the stress, confusion, sadness, pain, disappointment and doubt this earthly world brings) we are all truly blessed to have had a year filled with glimpses of laughter from babies, congratulations from dear friends, hugs and kisses from loved ones near and far, remission from our sins, and a promise that with the birth of Jesus a new year begins. 

How were your holidays?



#workdoesntmeanboring @mixandmatch333
Here's the look:
Dress: Spense. Find here.
Cardigan: Ruby Moon. Find similar look here.
Boots: INC. Find here.
Purse: Rag and Bone. Find similar here. 

Earrings: Sabika
Chain Link Necklace: Sabika

Ring: Effy. Find similar here.
Link Bracelets: Brighton. Find similar here.