Not That Blue Dress

So, I just realized that in my last blog post, I mentioned a developing purse addiction, and I didn't even share one single picture. And today, I am sharing pictures without any purses attached. Strange. But this is real life I guess, and this is a "fashion" blog that is more like a "when I have time for it" hobby and "when they {the kiddos} have time to take pictures for me." Believe me, if I had a live in photographer, I would be sharing more than I do. Reality is that people don't click on or subscribe to fashion blogs to just read...they want to look at outfits. At least, I know that's what I do. I follow other bloggers to get outfit ideas. So many times, I look at an outfit and think that I have those pieces...maybe not the same brand or price tag but I have that cardigan; I can find that sweater deep in my closet; I will clean those boots...someday.

So the whole point (at least this is what I think) is to get inspired. This is why I do this blog. And in doing this, I inspire myself...to try new color combinations, textures and styles.

Sometimes, I can't capture the outfits because I don't have a photographer, but on the days that I do, I like to share them with you.

Have a great Sunday.


Here's the look:
Dress: Gifted from my mom. Love her.
Blazer: Evan-Picone. Find here.
Booties: Bandolino. Find similar here. 
Watch: Michael Kors.
Ring: Effy
Necklaces: Sabika
Earrings: Sabika

I think I was talking here. Probably saying, "Did you get the necklace?"

I have no clue why I am frowning, but it's a good shot of the outfit.

This is obviously me walking up to the camera because we were done. I definitely need a new camera.

Close up of the booties....salt and all.

Sabika chain necklace with Sabika classic choker...a just because from my wonderful sissy-in-law. Love her too.

These Sabika studs I won during a party. I wear them all the time now.

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