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One of the fashion bloggers that I follow announced recently that she's calling it quits for a while. While not a "professional blogger," she decided to concentrate on her studies (she's a college student) more and become "less superficial." She said that she got obsessed with her page statistics and "got caught up in the game." Um, am I missing something here? Aren't we all doing this for fun? Isn't this supposed to serve as a creative outlet? A modern-day, electronic visual diary?  I mean, at least for those of us who have real jobs? 

I actually get a little bummed out when I neglect to post for a couple of days, or recently in weeks. But sometimes it's not my fault. I don't have a professional photographer following me around or a stylist putting my outfits together. Instead, I have a 14 year-old boy with homework, sports and his own vlogging channel who can't be bothered to take pictures of his mother daily. Currently, I have a closet that looks like it's been ransacked (God forbid). Yes, ransacked. Clothes everywhere. Without being too graphic (neat freaks will be appalled and may send me to fashion prison), simply stated...the shelving could not withstand the weight of my clothes and accessories. I may have a problem. Even the hubby is at his wits' end (and he's a rather rational fella).  

So while I may not post everyday because of the aforementioned reasons, I do try to take, at least, instagram photos. #nophotographerneeded #usuallyjustheadshotsofjewelry #imayhavespelledsomethingwronginthesehashtags.

I promise to take before and after photos of the closet. I will get it fixed and it will be better than ever.

Any suggestions?


Here's the look:
Dress: Calvin Klein. Similar here.
Shirt: J.Crew
Shoes: Aerosoles
Purse: Kate Spade. Find similar here. 

Love my new chloeandisabel celestial frost convertible necklace. Find here.  Earrings also chloeandisabel. Find here.

Another shot of these gorgeous studs.

I am in love with Lancome's new Grandiose mascara. It's a work of art. Find here. 

Yes, I am in love with the bottle too.

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