Two-Fifths Monday

Gotta love the start of the work week. A fresh start. A new adventure. A new list to tackle. I currently have three legal size tablets of notes and "to-dos" going at the non-profit. And how much of my to-do list did I complete today? Oh, probably two-fifths of the list. And it's not because I was blogging all day or shopping. It's because one meeting ended up taking (with transportation) over 4 hours. Draining? Definitely. Worthwhile? Absolutely. I have learned a lot over the past 5+years about building relationships. Mainly from my boss. Sometimes an extra long meeting is somewhat of an inconvenience and can take me away from my to-do list, but it's definitely worth it in the end--whatever or whenever that end may be.

Hope you had a good Monday and accomplished at least two-fifths of your to-do list.


Here's the look:
Shirt: No name
Pants: Joe Fresh.
Jacket: Kasper
Shoes: Franco Sarto

Necklace: Chloe + Isabel's Three Row Paillette Graduated Pendant. Find here

Ring: Chloe + Isabel's Ocean Lace Statement Ring. Find here. 

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