chloe+isabel are BOTH here!

Beyond excited. I should have taken a picture of myself tearing through my chloe +isabel starter kit yesterday, but again...I was beyond excited and wasn't thinking. My goal for this weekend is to plan my launch party. I can't wait to show off these pieces and just experiment with mixing them together. And most of all, spending time with beautiful women and playing dress up! My personal style mantra is when in doubt accessorize.

What I love about c+i collections is that you can wear the pieces with jeans (which I always have to dress up anyway) and with a business suit. 

I wanted to share some pieces with you today. Interested in purchasing any of these pieces and more? Visit me at my online boutique here. 

Let me know what you think.


This is liquid silver to me.
Three-row paillette graduated pendant. Find here

Nothing hidden about this treasure. This is from the estate vintage collection. Can I wear this everyday?
Multi-strand signature torsade necklace. Find here

Can you spot the honeycombs? No bees allowed here.
Honeycomb statement earrings. Find here

Mixture of pieces here.
Honeycomb statement earrings. Find here. 
Three-row paillette graduated pendant. Find here.
Organic link toggle bracelet. Find here.
Pearl + crystal drops long necklace. Find here.

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