Chokers, Laughter and Sisterhood

No church today. The hubby is on-call all weekend, and my parents didn't want to contend with the weather this morning. At 8:05 a.m. my mom called and said, "Heidi (as if there is another female in the house)?"  "I don't think your dad and I will go to church today (we were supposed to go together). The weather doesn't look good, and your dad said there is freezing rain." "Um, okay," I replied. "So, bring the kids later and have some pierogies," she said. A total non-sequitur. 

Pierogies are my mom's go-to dish during lent. Potato and onion. She makes them almost every Sunday for church during lent. Wait. Let me take that back. She doesn't make them but rather heats up Mrs. T's. So really, Mrs. T made them. But, I shouldn't make fun of her as my husband makes fun of me. My go-to dish for church during lent is stir-fry...quick, nutritious and delicious. Every Sunday morning he says, "Let me guess? Stir-fry?" You know, there is something very comforting in familiarity. 

Needless to say, the kids and I stayed home the entire day... lounging around the house, getting some cleaning done (mainly the kitchen bar) and making dinner. I made vegan tacos. Yummy! HA! No stir-fry today.

But the highlight of my Sunday would have to be getting a special delivery (2) from my very favorite Sabika director, Kellie. If you have followed this blog, you know how much I love jewelry and jazzing things up. You also know how I've confessed to Kellie, in the past, about buying fake Sabika. You also might remember that she was very forgiving albeit not happy with me. 

Kellie came bearing gifts, not of gold, frankincense and myrrh, but of chokers, laughter and sisterhood. 

Chokers. Yes. I am wearing one below. 

Laughter. Definitely. Even though our conversation was brief and without alcohol, I laughed a lot...mainly about "designers" who sell knock-off Sabika and the people who buy them (guilty as charged). We even talked about a local designer's return policy which would make it virtually impossible to return anything. I think she even requires a copy your social security number and birth certificate.That's convenient!

Sisterhood. Without a doubt. That's the beauty of working, friending and meeting women with similar interests, and in my case, it happens to be jewelry. I am sorry to say this, but you will never find me at a tupperware party...I don't cook enough to even have left-overs. Or a frozen food party which would help me out, since I don't cook a lot, but nah. At the end of the day, frozen food is frozen food. And to my family, it doesn't really count as real dinner. So I just starve them.

But going back to the jewelry...it's not any kind of jewelry. It's jewelry that comes with a story. It's jewelry that empowers women; jewelry that builds confidence; jewelry that creates opportunities; jewelry that develops friendships; jewelry that enhances beauty; jewelry that donates to others; jewelry that breeds sisters...jewelry that speaks without whispering a word.

This is why I love representing chloe+isabel and still being able to appreciate and wear other designers, like Sabika. Both have a story to share and do not come with an obnoxious return policy.

Happy Sunday!



Lounging around the house today.
Here's the look:
Jeans: Guess, very old
Sweater: American Eagle, Christmas time. Find similar on clearance here and here.
Socks: Espirit, very old

Choker: Sabika's French Riviera. Sold Out. But find similar here.
Necklace: chloe + isabel's Tresors layering necklace and Tresors ornate pendant. Find here and here.
Bracelet: chloe+isabel's modern deco stretch bracelet. Find here

Close-up of beauty!

Earrings: chloe+ isabel's crystal square studs. Find here.  Ignore my crazy eyebrows...wrote about them before.

Bracelets: chloe+isabel's modern deco stretch bracelet. Find here and bead and multi-wrap bracelet. Find here

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