Meeting, Soccer, Cleaning and Shopping

What a busy day! At the vet hospital we had our monthly staff meeting. Usually, meetings last about an hour, but this one was exceptionally long at over two hours. Lots and lots to discuss...from client intake protocol and the 12 top dog and cat toxins to office gossip and housekeeping (of which includes cleaning up pet "accidents"). It never ends but it must be done.

Took my son to soccer only to find out that he was the only one present...what gives? Never thought that recreational soccer would be the subject of borough controversy. Perhaps, a conversation for another time.

While cleaning the dinning room table, which has become our makeshift office (even though we have an office), I came across my Boscov's bill. My initial thought, "Um, when did this come?" Followed by, "$h!t, this is due tomorrow!" Luckily, Boscov's does accept in-store payments ( I wish T.J. Maxx and Victoria's Secret did as well). And while I still had one more day to make the payment, I really did not. Like many stores in our area, Boscov's closes at 5 p.m. on Sunday. And if you are a faithful betweenjewelryandjob reader, you know that I travel one hour to go to church on Sundays, and since you also know that our service is about 10 hours long (I had to throw in a hyperbole), I would have never made the 5 p.m. deadline. 

What to do? What to do? No choice but go pay the bill in-person. How long did it take me to do that? Two minutes. How long did I end up staying in Boscov's? Two hours! 

My philosophy (although it may sound demented to some people and fiscally irresponsible and gluttonous): why waste gas to just go and pay a bill when you can shop again now that you have paid the bill, and you are already at the mall. Crazy, huh? Also, shopping is best when you least expect it. Try to find something decent and affordable when you are in desperate need or in a time crunch? Never gonna happen. And even if you find something, most of the time, you are not really convinced of it because it was done in need or in a hurry. At least, this has been my experience.

Here's what I purchased today. I essentially ended up with four outfits by just purchasing one top...and when you see the price tags, you may, just may, adopt my demented philosophy.



This Grace Elements rose cardigan was on sale for $10. Original price: $58. You can find the cardigan online here but not at the price I paid.  I paired it with these Bandolino slacks (they have a cute flower pattern) which cost $6.99. Original price: $54. Necklace is old (groopdealz purchase).


Same cardigan but this time with this funky black and white Premise skirt. Skirt cost: $10. Original price of skirt: $58. Find similar here.  I added my white bubble necklace from Erica Lyons. I don't think that I am ready to phase out my bubble necklaces (all 4) just yet.
So this may look like the same pant from yesterday's post but nope! I did venture very quickly into jcp (can't remember why really) and was able to snag these Joe Fresh light textured, tartan pants for...wait for it...$3.97. Seriously! Original price: $49. Find similar here.  Here I added a necklace that I purchased a while ago. The green strands on the necklace compliment the pant color and tie the outfit together.
Final look includes the same cardigan but this time with another skirt by Premise. I LOVE the gold snaps on the side. Find here. Skirt price: $10. Original price of skirt: $68. I added a gold leaf necklace (old) to mirror the snaps on the side. Total purchase price for all 4 outfits: $40.96.

Remember, you can do this to. You just have to be willing to use a little creativity and work with what you already have in your wardrobe.

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