A Little Bit of Color with Triple Black & White

Hope you had a great workday Tuesday. I heard someone say once that the longer couples are together, the more they start looking like each other and dressing like each other. Yikes! I love and respect my husband (and even purchase his clothing), but I can't imagine what he would look like in my Sabika black diamond golf necklace (even with its "manly" name) or what I would look like in his Haggar no iron, pleated front slacks (Oh, no. Not I). 

Having said this, is there any study about office mates who start wearing the same color schemes on THE SAME DAY?  See below. At the office today, someone commented that Angela and I have on the same color scheme. And as we walked into my office and Diane walked out of hers, it became very evident that she, too, had on the the same color scheme. Does this mean that we are spending waaay too much time together?

But the goal of today's post is to highlight Kayla and how great she looks. She is part of the human resources department. So you know what this means? I have to watch what I say around her. :) But I can definitely say this about her outfit and I know I will not get in trouble...very fun and definitely adds color to this black & white trio. 


Here's Kayla's look:
Cardigan, shirt and skirt: All from Ann Taylor Loft. Find skirt here. Find similar shirt here.
Find similar black cardigan here.
Hose: tjmaxx
Shoes: Coach. Find similar here.
Purse: Coach. Find similar here.
Necklace: Vera Wang via Kohls. Find similar here.
Bracelet: Michael Kors. Find similar here.
Ring: brand unknown

The black and white trio below.
Angela looking totally adorable in her black& white with a splash of seafoam green.

Great picture of Diane in her black & white with a splash of Sabika. Funny thing--Diane has never seen this blog!

Here I am in my Calvin Klein Houndstooth knit sweater dress in black & white. No clue why I am raising my hands like that. Find similar here and here.

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