Green Again x2

So I totally did not plan on posting anything today but I couldn't resist how beautiful this autumn night is. The hubster is back to having one day off during the week. Well, today is the first day off in 8 months...an almost full-term pregnancy. So he picked me up from the clinic and we went out to an early dinner with the boys. Please don't judge me, but I have been on a burger kick for about the past two months. Everytime we go out to eat, I order a burger. And as a former vegetarian (for 7 years), I can't explain what is going on with my eating habits. Maybe burgers are what a 40-year old is supposed to eat? Or could this be the result of fasting too much? I don't know. I almost ordered chicken, but then the BBQ burger with bacon and caramelized onions was calling my name. Geeze. What a cliché! I AM beginning to sound like a burger addict. Only time will tell (along with my waistline) how long this kick will last.

After dinner, my sweet-toothing loving huster wanted to get doughnuts, but not just any doughnuts. He wanted ones from Asiago's, a local a Tuscan Italian restaurant. So off we went. I was a very, very good girl and did not have a single one. I didn't even look inside the box.

But instead, I took the opportunity to get some photos of today's work OOTD. And surprisingly, I am wearing green again.



Here's the look:
Shirt: Macy's. Find similar here. 
Pants: Macy's. Find similar here. 
Shoes: Fila. Find similar here.
Purse: Emma Fox
Necklace: Groopdealz

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