Strong, Smart and Sparkly

I've mentioned before that I work with strong, smart ladies...strong, smart ladies who know how to run board meetings, balance budgets and negotiate contracts--tasks that require some brain power. And what is even more impressive is that these lovely ladies do all this while still being "sparkly." Hey, if you were about to sign a hefty contract, I would think that by having a sparkly person if front of you, "signing on the dotted line" (did you ever notice that the line isn't really dotted?) would be less painful and make the signature flow smoother. Believe me. It. Is.True!

And this lovely lady is no exception. Heather is not only good with numbers (she's the organization's accountant) but has great style and INSANE hair.

I am blessed to work with ladies that inspire and motivate me to work hard, stay competitive and remind me that I may have the same skirt...in a different color... that I could be wearing...if it's ever to be found.

Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday. 



Sweater: Kmart...um seriously, this is not a blue-light special; Button down: GAP; Skirt: Worthington; Boots: Dana Buchmann; Purse: Coach

This gold tone bib necklace is a great pop of color for this outfit. From Kohl's. It's an Apt. 9 piece. Find here. 

Worthington Pencil Skirt. Find here.


Cute Dana Buchman earrings. Heather snagged these for $3.80...cheaper than a Starbucks latte! It's all about having priorities.

I would be seriously remiss if I did not take a picture of Heather's mane. Seriously?? When Heather first started at the organization, I asked her if she had extensions (and yes, she still continued to talk to me). She does not have extensions...all natural.  I tugged on her hair and nothing landed in my hands. She's truly blessed. Her secret: Dove flexible hold hairspray. And I am sure good hair genes.

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