Red, Blue and Leopard

I should not make any excuses for my lack of posting. But if I may make one (or two or three), it will have to start with, "I have been so busy, and...my photographer has been busy...and it's really cold outside." 

You'll have to excuse my selfies, but I wanted to capture the OOTD because I really like the color combination although unorthodox. 

Hope you had a great Monday.


I took this picture after a long day at work. These pants are not as dark in person. They are more red than burnt sienna--I think they look like burnt sienna here.

I wore this sweater in a previous post. I got it from Macy's last year.

This picture is a little awkward. I look like a bobble-head doll. I need my photographer to be less busy!

Rafaella velvet pants are another Sam's Club purchase. Crazy, I know. Water marks courtesy of the never ending snow.

One of my favorite accessory lines: Erica Lyons. 

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