Lace & Chains

Date night never happened yesterday...no fault of my hubby's, but I wasn't feeling well. It's a major let down when you wait all week for a night out (in this case it was trivia night) and end up not feeling well. I probably could have pushed myself to get ready and get out, but when something is supposed to be fun, I want to have fun...not feel miserable and make those around me wish that I had stayed home (I know, me not being fun? Hey, it happens). And you know, that is the difference between going out and going to work. I push harder when I have to go to work.

Today was different. I didn't have to push myself to go to church...my haven. Tomorrow marks the start of the Great Lent, 55 days of fasting, praying and giving alms. At least, this is what is supposed to happen. Of the three, praying is definitely the most challenging for me but when I do it, it provides me with abundant comfort. 

On a different note, I'll have to share some of my lenten meals in the upcoming days. 

Hope you saw the sunshine this Sunday.



This is what I wore to church today.
Blazer: Kasper. Find similar here.
Lace blouse. Find similar here.
Velvet Pants. Find similar here. 
Necklace. Find similar here. 
Bracelet: groopdealz

These are the most comfortable pants I bought this year. I am obsessed with stretch velvet.

So delicate. I like that I can change the cami underneath with other colors depending on what I am wearing.

I love my Brighton earrings. I'm wearing them in brushed silver. Find similar here.

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