One Last Patch...of Snow!

I know what you are all thinking: no good blogger takes that much time off between posts. And I also know that you know that this isn't my real gig. So cut me some slack! 

I realized while uploading today's photos that I didn't post any snow pictures this past winter (oh yeah, if you haven't realized, it's actually spring now. Yes, spring!) I wonder why? I'm sure that some of you would have appreciated some of my winter looks. You know, the ones that fashion some of these items:

1. Knee-high boots that are covered in thigh-high snow. And on very trendy days, decorated with muddy, car "splashings."
2. Puffer coats layered with only two scarves. At some point, observers (more like gawkers) start wondering if there is actually a neck under there.
3. Cracked hands that look more like cracked souls (yes, not a typo; I meant it). Okay, sorry. That was too dramatic. But do you get what I mean?

So in order to have at least one snow post, I had to get these shots today while the photographer was able to capture one last patch.

Hope you all have seen the last snow patch!



Here's the look:
Blouse: jcp
Blazer: Evan Picone. Fine similar here.
Jeans: Nine West. Find similar here.
Shoes: Anne Klein. Find similar here. 
Necklace: groopdealz
Earrings: Brighton

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