Military Diet Challenge

Military Diet Challenge Accepted. So my older son asked me last night if I had ever heard of the military diet and if I wanted to do it with him. He started out saying that it is a 3-day diet and you can eat ice cream and meat. I said, "Wait. Stop. Does it have hot dogs and cottage cheese?" "Yeah, it does," he said. Okay, when I was growing up it wasn't called the "military diet." It had my mom's friend's name. And for all the times that I have tried this diet, I still can't remember that lady's name. The only thing I remember is that my mom would go on this diet before a special occasion or after she had indulged in post-fasting delicacies. She would say, "I want to do {insert friend's name here} diet."  AND from what I still remember, the diet did work. It promises 10 pounds of weight loss. I think that when my mom and I would do it, we would lose maybe half of that or so. Nonetheless, it did work.

And here I am after all these years, going on {friend's name} diet again. But this time around, it has a very tough name. Is this what it feels like to be in the military?

I told my mom that I was going to do this, and her response was, "Wait for me until I come back." She's currently out of state with my brother's family.

I should have taken the opportunity to ask her what her friend's name is.

Bringing out the real jewelry today. I can't remember for what birthday or anniversary my hubby got this for me. But, I do miss wearing it.

Nothing beats a pair of American Eagle jeans. I have had these for a couple of years now. Loving them paired with these Coach Lace Ups. Find similar ones here. My dad gave me $100 for Christmas so I bought this Michael Kors purse (may have added a couple of more dollars to the $100). Find similar bag here and here. 

Here's the look:

Black sweater old.
Vest: Old Navy. Find similar here.
Jeans: American Eagle. Old.
Shoes: Coach

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