Jeweled Neck

Fall is alive and well in PA. Spending time in church on a gorgeous fall day is a great way to end a busy week. 

Let's see. What did I do this past week besides going to work, running my son to soccer games and practices, remembering to take my medications (let me tell you; it's harder than it sounds) and taking care of a new puppy? That's right. I caught up with a friend for lunch, went to dinner and a movie with some of the most gorgeous and hilarious women in town (same women, not different) and celebrated my nephew's sweet sixteen. 

But more important, I spent the last 48 hours trying to convince my stubborn, older brother to get his little girl a puppy...a Havanese to be exact. The verdict is still out as to whether he will cave in. 

Enjoy your Sunday!


Here's the look (and oh, am I missing my St. Thomas tan):

Jeweled blouse: AGB. Find similar here. 
Cardigan: Massimo Dutti. Find similar here.  Link shows actual color. Picture here shows color faded.
Skirt: Grace Elements. Find similar here.
Shoes: Bandolino. Find here. 

Bracelets and ring: chloeandisabel. Find here. 

Earrings: Last year; Christmas gift from a friend. Find similar here. 

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