Flat Pizaazz

Life has been rather hectic the past couple of days. I'm still adjusting to the new job while trying to figure out personalities (human and four-legged), computer programs (I'm now the practice's IT it-person...this would make others at the non-profit laugh hysterically) and inventory updates (trying to implement a practical system). 

And of course, I can't do any of that while wearing heels, platforms or wedges. Oh, how I miss my desk job that didn't require flats for going to the copier, kitchen and/or conference table! It's not that I don't like flats...I have flat feet and wearing something with a heel helps with the no-arch thing. But more important, I think heeled-shoes, sandals, slippers, you name it look better on me, and I appreciate the added height.

So if I have to wear flats, they better be something other than Dr. Scholls or something NOT approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association or APMA for short.

Here's what I found. All courtesy of TJMaxx...they have must have known I was looking for some decent flats.

What do you think?


Make: Lucky Brand
Colors: Navy and white, nautical
Material: Fabric
Find pricier version here. 

Make: Reaction, Kenneth Cole
Color: Black
Material: Patent leather
Find here.

Make: Anne Klein Sport
Color: Beige and tan
Material: Leather
Find similar here. 

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