Mello Yellow

 I know that a lot of bloggers don't post on the weekends and take the weekend off. I, on the other hand, find that writing on Sunday is very cathartic.

On Saturday, we had a nice get-together at my house with my sister, her family ( and her in-laws) and my parents. The hubbster grilled steaks, kofta and sweet sausage. Yummy. My mom made her famous lasagna. Plenty of food for all...especially since tomorrow we will start the Apostles' Fast. This fast commemorates the preparation of the apostles preaching God's words to the whole world. If the spirit moves you, you can read more about it here. Later that night, I bought a new Sabika piece via text. Gotta love technology! The necklace I purchased will definitely be paired with one of my chloeandisabel pieces, and I'll definitely show both off when I get it.

After church today, the boys and I went to see their friend's dance performance. One word to describe what we saw: TALENT. As we walked out I turned to them and said, "See, this is what life would be like if you guys had a sister." What I got in return from them: a series of eye rolls. 

Tomorrow not only marks the start of the fast (32 days long) but also my first full-week at the animal hospital and the boys summer vacation...not that there's any real relationship among the three. 

I'm ready to take on this new challenge. But you better believe that I'll be adding some fashion flavor as I do it. Can't have it any other way!

Happy Sunday!


Love my Betsey Johnson leopard multi-row necklace find here with my chloeandisabel long strand pearl and crystal drops necklace find here.
Here's the look:
Gauze tunic: bargain find last year, yes, from Sears. I think I may have purchased it in another color (teal or green) but have to find it.
Skirt: Kasper, part of a suit.
Shoes: Madden Girl

The pictures behind me have been there for about 6 months. Waiting until the hubby has time to put them up for me.

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