Monday's Deal of the Day

Sharing is definitely caring. My friend came over today to pick up her Turquoise Convertible Necklace (totally love...find here.) We chatted for a little bit, and then she shared some serious, serious information. No, she's not moving, pregnant or quitting her job. To some people, the information she shared could be considered confidential. Top Secret! 

The information could be top secret and confidential because not many women share beauty secrets let alone beauty deals. But, not this beauty. She shared. She told me to get to the local grocery store to find some make-up deals. Yes, the grocery story. What's wrong with that? Even better? Everything is $1. I know what you're thinking...used make-up, expired make-up, clown make-up. None of that; instead pretty decent drug-store brands like Maybelline, Loreal and Cover Girl (to name a few) in large bins.

She did warn me that the ladies were going wild sorting through the bins. No kidding. I wanted to snap some pics but was afraid of getting whacked with some waterproof mascara. 

I bought 26 pieces...not all for myself of course. For someone who wears a lot of Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Dior and M.A.C., I got a rush rifling through the bins...all thanks to my friend who shared the information.

What's your deal of the day?


Here are some of the deals.

Here's the look:

Shirt: Jones New York
Pants: New York and Company
Shoes: Anne Klein

Can't remember where I got these pieces but they go real well together.

Applied some of my drugstore lipstick...no rash yet. LOL!

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