After a wonderful weekend with my family in New Jersey (yes, New Jersey; we were getting my mother-in-law), it's back to a workday Monday.

I spent most of my day cleaning out my office, answering emails and copying and transferring files and getting them to people who may need them. No, I wasn't last minute spring cleaning but rather finishing up my work (which will continue after I leave) before my final day at the non-profit.

After 5 1/2+ years working with the same people (people I like) day in and day out, it will be a definite adjustment. But I did learn something about myself today while cleaning out my office: I am a HOARDER. I have been told that numerous times by my office mates but have always dismissed them (in the most professional manner). I found every kind of adhesive tape possible in one of my desk drawers...duct tape, packaging tape, masking tape, clear tape and even electrical tape. Electrical tape! Why on earth would I have this? I think I may have needed it for a summer camp activity three years ago...or I am just a hoarder.

I also packed up about a dozen or so of note- and to-do -filled tablets. And truly, one of the keys to success is keeping a to-do list and crossing out the small and the big accomplishments...even if one of the items on the to-do list is to revise the to-do list.

Knowing that I had some cleaning to do today, I opted for an outfit suitable for moving boxes and organizing shelves.

Hope you had a great Monday.



Here's the look:
Shirt: Old Navy. Find here.
Pants: Old Navy. Find here.
Shoes: Nine West

Statement necklace, can't remember where I found it but I love the colors.
Earrings: Erica Lyons, gifted
Note the Botox-free forehead. Was very close to getting some Botox injected while in Jersey.

Chloeandisabel knot bracelet. Find here: chloeandisabel.com/boutique/heidir

Can't really tell that I got highlights and lowlights but I did. Opted for highlights instead of Botox. I know, what a toss up.

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