Blue Paisley and Dead Orchids

Crazy winds today! I wanted to get a couple of shots, but it was too darn windy. I should have worn my hair in a bun or ponytail, but with this fierce wind, the nape of my neck would have been too cold.

Speaking of fierce winds, we had a house blessing this Saturday, and our priest and his wife came in with this lovely white, silk orchid arrangement (pictured below). I love orchids, especially when they cooperate and LIVE longer than three weeks.

And you would think that since this orchid plant is synthetic (pictured below), it would live forever. Correct? Not the case. After this picture was taken, I placed the plant on the hood of my car (in order to take a couple of more shots),and the next thing I heard was CRASH! BANG! SMASH!The wind killed my synthetic plant, and the ceramic base broke into several, sad pieces. Such a tragedy!

Luckily, neither my priest nor his wife know that I have this blog, so in their minds and hearts, their orchid plant will live forever in my home...and in this photo.


Here's the look:
Cardigan: no name. Find similar here.
T-shirt: Bisou Bisou; very old. Find similar here.
Pants: Ellen Tracy. Find here.
Pumps: Franco Sarto. Find here. 

Link Necklace: T.J. Maxx
 Bracelets: grandma's gold bangle; chloe+isabel's rhinestone and chain link. Find here.

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