Orange Crush

One of my very favorite R.E.M. songs is Orange Crush, not because of any supposed political or war references it may or may not make, but because of its upbeat tempo...the song makes me want to get up (another R.E.M. song on the album Green by the way) and move.

When I wore this outfit, it made me want to sing Orange Crush all day, but because I am pretty much tone deaf and deaf to everything else related to vocal acuity, I settled for reciting the words to the song over and over in my mind...and I would occasionally hum them. I am sure that my office mates thought I was choking.

On that note (pun intended), have a terrific work week.


Entire outfit is old, except the jewelry and shoes.
Blazer: jcp, last year.
Skirt: sears, last year.
Shirt: no name
Shoes: Franco Sarto

Oval necklace: Erica Lyons
Cross necklace: no name
Stretch bracelet: chloeandisabel. Find here.

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