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I think I have said this before, but I not only work with smart, beautiful and well accessorized women (very important), but they also happen to be forward thinking, creative and down-right doers. How can you not want to work and surround yourself with people like that?

Today, I'm highlighting Leah and Emily. When I saw Leah this morning, I had to stop what I was doing (getting back to superintendents who confirmed their attendance to a luncheon with the secretary of education, seriously) and take her pictures. I know, an interesting way to start the work day. I get distracted by shiny things. What I do appreciate is that I work with great sports who are not only tolerant but empathetic...when it comes to my addictions. How many people do you know would let you reach across a board room table to touch their statement necklace? Not many. I think sometimes they think if they just let me stare for a little bit and maybe touch, I will go away. And I usually do...after I take their picture.

If I had Leah's blue eyes, I would wear shades of blue every single day. Leah can definitely wear a crisp, pinpoint collar...I just love the way it looks underneath her teal cardigan. She paired this look with a bracelet from groopdealz and choker/earring combo from Sabika. She also has another necklace (can't really see here) from a local designer who uses vintage materials to make new items. Leah's style is definitely classic with some modern edge. Beautiful!

When I saw Emily, the first thing I said to her was, "This outfit is so blog-worthy; can I take your picture?" And Emily, too, being a good sport did not say no. I didn't have a chance to take her picture in the office because we had to run off to a meeting in another county. But, being the persistent photographer and blogger, I had the perfect opportunity while waiting to meet with the superintendent. No time like the present. These pictures also don't pick up Emily's beautifully styled hair.

Emily's look is definitely edgy with some classic touches. I love her peplum top (Worthington via jcp), pencil skirt (the back is definitely AMAZING...should have captured the back, Worthington via jcp), flea market necklaces and rock-star boots (from Payless, circa 2012). This is a great black and white look. Gorgeous!

Hope you work with beautiful, smart and well-accessorized women--I know I do!



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