Loving Jewelry Doesn't Mean You Are Crazy

As you may already know, I have a jewelry addiction, and I don't need a support group. In fact, my new year's resolution (the one that doesn't involve eating healthier, praying regularly, exercising more and working towards being a hot mom by 40!) is to grow my jewelry collection. I want to grow the collection to include all brands, textures, sizes (including pieces that may unfortunately exacerbate my neck pain),  the fake (cheap) and the for real (expensive) and the new (modern) and the old (antique). 

My love for jewelry began at  a very young age. I remember finding random things around the house and making "something" out of nothing. I once strung decorative, blue rocks on black yarn and wore them on my neck. I remember my mom telling that people will think that I'm crazy. For some reason, her feelings didn't really bother me.

As I was taking these pictures, my husband asked me what I was doing. I think I may have whispered under my breath, "What  the *bleep* does it look like I am doing?" But what really came out of my mouth was, "I want to share my love for jewelry with other people who love jewelry."  His response: very similar to what my mom said about my rock necklace 25 years ago. And surprisingly, I am still not bothered. Life it too short, very short, to worry about what people (including loved ones) think of my addiction. I am currently waiting for two new pieces from Groopdealz. I'll be sure to share with you once they arrive. 

What are you loving (addicted to) these days?



This choker reminds me of Egypt. I bought it last year from Burlington Coat Factory. It looks more expensive than it costs (can't remember how much I paid for it).

White rock necklace. In homage to my blue rock necklace that I made 25 years ago. I purchased the rock from Michael's and already had the chain. 

Not your ordinary dog collar

Groopdealz purchase

Gift from my mom. Apparently this necklace will make me look totally sane.

One of my favorite brands, Erica Lyons.

The blue is beautiful against brown.

Can't remember where I got this necklace, but I get a lot of compliments on it. Blush is Lancome in Rose Fresque.  Lipstick is also Lancome in Fashion Icon, metallic. 

Another Groopdealz find.


  1. You have some great pieces, good eye! If you want a jewelry collection---go for it. fun thing to do. I have a lot of shoes and handbags. Like jewelry they make outfits special. I like how you are photographing these beauties. The first necklace is a stunner!

    blue hue wonderland

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Ann, thank you for the lovely words and thank you for stopping by.