Pantyhose, Not Socks

If you recall, I was in need of retail therapy a couple of days ago. And I must have been very desperate because I went out looking for socks. I couldn't find any socks (or rather couldn't bring myself to actually buy socks), but I did find fashionably simple pantyhose by HUE. A girl can't have enough pantyhose! 

But I seem to have a love-hate relationship with pantyhose/tights/leggings/stockings (whatever you want to call them)...the pairs I love seem to hate me. And how do I know they hate me? They seem to snag, rip, tear or split. The pairs I'm not too crazy about (and wear when I'm desperate), seem to find a way to make it out of the washer (and sometimes dryer--I am a horrible hose owner) just fine.  I don't have time to hand-wash my hose or put them in those bags for delicate items. And I probably commit "hose abuse" because I wash them every time I wear them. I've heard that hose should be worn a couple of times before washing, so they don't lose their shape and elasticity. You know what I say to that? No, thank you. 

Pantyhose is definitely a necessary winter accessory, especially in PA. It not only protects from the cold, but is great at hiding dry skin that starts appearing sometime in November. And if you have a really good pair, you can wear that fitted dress because the control top will hide your mommy pooch--at least this is what I tell myself. I pretty much planned my outfit around my hose. You can't really tell from these pictures (which my husband kindly, but begrudgingly, took for me) but my hose have fine, gold stripes which mimic the fine stripes on the pencil skirt. 

Hope you're having a great Sunday. 



Here's the look:

Lip: Lancome, in Breathless. 

Skirt: Rafaella, old. Find similar hereShirt: Style & Co., old, via Macy'sSleeveless Jacket: B. Moss, very, very, very old. Hose: Hue, Gotta Have It! in black/gold.Shoes: Anne Klein, old. Find similar here. Purse: Emma Fox, via TJMaxx. Find similar hereJewelry: Crystal teardrop necklace, groopdealz; watch, Michael Kors; link bracelet, Brighton; gold bangle, my late grandma's. 


  1. You look adorable! I personally dislike pantyhose and only have a pair or two that are actually wearable, lol! Thanks for sharing with Three-fer Thursday.
    xo Bethany

  2. Thanks Bethany! If only I were able to go without year round...