Retail Therapy: Desperately Needed

Okay. So I've been a little busy these past couple of days. With hosting two Christmas parties ( I love the birth of Jesus, my redeemer, but I am ready for Easter!); coming off of an eight-day vacation (which consisted of laundry and cleaning, which is still not done) to split my time between two relatively intense jobs; and managing a house, husband, kids and a dog ( a shared responsibility with my husband and kids), I am ready for some retail therapy, even if it takes the form of purchasing necessary items like socks or undergarments. This is how desperate I am to relieve some physical and mental stress: risk my health to go out in the bitter cold (with temperatures not seen in 20 years) to purchase SOCKS! Do you understand from where I am coming? SOCKS!

Maybe I am addicted to retail therapy? Is that possible? You (meaning I) definitely have a groopdealz addiction (which I have admitted to previously), when you are in a meeting (like today) reviewing an addictions presentation (albeit one about alcohol and gambling addictions), and can relate to some of the "symptoms" of addiction. My staff assures me that I'm technically not an "addict" (but they could be enablers) until I exhibit the presence of 3 or more of the criteria (a total of 7) during a 12-month period as defined by the DSM. I don't want to post what those are as to not scare you.  You may be an "addict" too. 

But until I am able to venture out to get those socks, I will have to enjoy what came in the mail yesterday. I must admit that putting on this necklace (from groopdealzwas the highlight of my day. 

Hope you had a good day--without any symptoms of addiction.



The "wings" of this necklace will come in handy when I want to soar.

It is a substantial piece that can be wore with a chambray shirt or a cashmere sweater.

Designer Inspired Crystal Wing Necklace.  No longer available on groopdealz. Find similar here.


  1. I love that necklace! So bright and cheerful, perfect for dreary winter, right? I am a big fan of shopping as well, it just makes me happy and what is wrong with that??! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Beautiful necklace (: Thank you for linking up to What I'm Loving Fridays!