"The Kate Middleton"

I have been waiting all week for this post. Waiting all week to wear this piece. Waiting all week to feel like a princess! This post really began last week when my boss (and good friend) went to NYC. 

She knows how much I love ZARA. And like a good friend, she found the opportunity to snap a picture of a nearby ZARA store and sent it to me. I know. I know. Most people would share pictures of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Radio City Music Hall, Empire State Building or even United Nations Headquarters--definitely great places of interest and on the itineraries of respectable tour guide companies, but ZARA is just as important.                                                                                      

So knowing that she was steps away from a necklace that I've obsessed about for weeks (which seemed like months), I asked her if she can go in and get it for me. And I know you're probably thinking why I just don't order one online. Well, the sad truth is I've been cut-off from ZARA for a little bit. No, I didn't join a 12-step program for ZAA (Zara Addicts Anonymous). I've been cut-off from internet purchases. By. My. Husband. Sigh. And just like an addict, I've enlisted the help of enablers or co-conspirators (my friend's words). As a side note, good friends (ones that appreciate the same things you do) make the best co-conspirators. They don't ask a lot of questions; they don't judge you because you've been "cut-off"; and they just do it. They deliver! 

Day One

Destination: Zara, 5th Avenue.
Mission: Please find Sparkly Crystal Bead Necklace (found here).
Status: Place is packed.
Result: No necklace.

Waiting for a text or a confirmation that mission accomplished was very exciting or more like "that sanguine expectation of happiness which is happiness itself (Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility).  Please keep in mind that 24 hours lapsed between texts.

Day Two

Destination: Zara, Times Square.
Mission: Please, please, please find Sparkly Crystal Bead Necklace!!
Status: Again, place is packed!
Result: Friend calls and says, "Did you know that the necklace you want was worn by Kate Middleton, and it's sold out and is selling online for $100? Google "Kate Middleton and Zara." At this point I am thinking, "Damn, I have pretty good taste. Regal taste." But what I'm screaming is "Did you find it? Did you get it? Do I own what Kate Middleton owns?" 

Kate Middleton at premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. This is what popped up when I was asked to Google.

And what came out of my friend's mouth after that were the best five words I have ever heard.

Usually the best five words sound something like "You look thin in that!" 

But she said, "We got the last one!"  

Mission accomplished. And she sent me proof that she got it. See below.

My friend's daughter with the proof (and awesome nail polish) that mission accomplished!

And one hour and forty-two minutes after I had the last "the Kate Middleton" my friend lost her. Her text said, "So I lost the necklace...Left it in a cart at TJ Maxx"; "And the security guard found it. Obviously it is meant for you to have it" 


And that was it. 

"The Kate Middleton" is beautiful! Very beautiful. But it should come with a warning: Caution! Cuidado! Achtung! Kate is heavy. Very heavy. Wear at your own risk (and don't complain of neck pains to your doctor)! 

It's hard not to feel like a princess with this piece on. It commands attention and it gets attention.

Thanks friend!



Here's the look:

Pants: AE Jeggings (worn before in previous post); Jacket: Black Rain (last year); Shirt: Jones New York (old); Shoes: Bandolino pink pumps (old); Earrings and ring: Guess; Link Bracelet: BrightonBead bracelet: Boscovs (last year); Lipstick: Lancome in Breathless (old). Find here. 

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