Chambray & Chains on Church Sunday

I think that I have finally recovered from chaperoning my son's 8th grade field trip to Washington, DC. I was in a group with 6 boys and 4 moms (including myself). We definitely had strong parental representation in my group. Unfortunately, the trip did not include shopping for jewelry, tasting wine or sampling sushemi. What it did include was sightseeing, A LOT of sightseeing. And being a DC virgin, I walked around in awe like the rest of the tourists. Come on, we all know what they look like. I am sure that I could have taken more than the 10 or 15 photos I have on my iphone, but I am also sure that if I would have done that, the boys (and moms...I was the only newbie) in my group would have ditched me somewhere between the Cannon House and the Rotunda. And I definitely did not want to risk that since I was running on a very low battery, figuratively and literally

But I digress....Have I ever mentioned how much I love chambray shirts? Lightweight, versatile and figure-flattering...at least I think so. 

Hope you're having a splendid Sunday!


Okay. I swear that these pants were ironed. But you know linen...if you cross your legs or sneeze a little too strongly, you get a wrinkle or two. I love linen, but I hate how fast it wrinkles.

Here's the look:
Chambray: American Eagle. Find similar here.
Pants: Super, super, super old, TJMaxx
Wedges: Madden Girl, a couple of summers ago

Chains are a mixture of Sabika, chloeandisabel and generic. Love them all together.

Long chain and tresors decorative key charm on my website at chloeandisabel.com/boutique/heidir


  1. Cute look, Heidi! I love chambray, too!!
    Jules, Truly

    1. Thanks Julie. Chambray = Comfort! Keep on styling!

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