Woman Can Not Live On Bread Alone

Here's another embarrassing find from Old Navy. This 3/4-sleeve shift dress was also $0.97. Yes, your eyes are not in need of a check up...less than $1. You know how they say a lady should never share her age; or a lady should never kiss and tell? Is there anything written about what a lady should or should not do when it comes to finding bargains? Because this lady tells everyone who asks or wants to listen.

I am not embarrassed to say how much something costs or share where I found something. On the contrary, I can instead over share and want others (especially my friends) to get the bargains too. I say this ALL. THE. TIME-- it's about prioritizing. It's picking between a sandwich at Panera (or 1/2 sandwich, 1/2 soup combo) and an INC blouse on the clearance rack at Macy's or a button-down at the Gap or in this instance, a shift dress from Old Navy. It's deciding not to go out to lunch with your co-workers because you have your eye on a pair of wedges at TJMaxx that will get that awesome, yellow clearance label on Wednesday (that's when they mark down, traditionally). 

Yep, I'm all about prioritizing when it comes to my closet. You know what the Great Book says, {woman} can not live on bread alone...she needs to have something (on sale) to keep her warm. I know. I know. It doesn't really say that in the Bible nor is it the correct meaning, but I believe that Jesus has a sense of humor.

Happy Wednesday!


Here's the look:
Shift dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger
Necklaces: chloeandisabel. Find here chloeandisabel.com/boutique/heidir

Don't always like to take full-body selfies but my photographer was not in the mood to take pictures today.

I love these two necklaces together.

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