Green on Tuesday

After church last Sunday, I opted for the mall instead of Sam's Club. Now, the mall next to our church is nothing to write home about, but at least it has some of the stores I like (Macy's, Old Navy, Charlotte Russe to name a few). So the hubster and the kiddos dropped me off and off they went to Sam's Club to purchase...you know, I don't even remember what they got. I guess I was still on my shopping high when they picked me up 30 minutes later. That is all the time I need. A girl can do a lot of damage in 30 minutes...and this girl is a dangerous pro!

I went to one store: Old Navy--mainly because I had a gift card to Banana Republic (in our neck of the woods, having a Banana Republic in the mall is like asking for a small miracle...but we have no problem getting a Dollar Tree, a Family Dollar or an all-you-can-eat anything buffet) that I wanted to use.

I tried on a few items, and the attendant asked me if I tried on shorts; I don't normally wear shorts unless they resemble capris. I said no and why. I found out that Old Navy has a promotion that if you try on shorts, they will issue you a $5 coupon to use on of a purchase of $35 or more. Heck, for 5 bucks, I'll try on shorts and that's what I did, but I didn't like them enough to buy them.

But what I did end up getting (along with other cute items) are these pants below. Guess how much? I'm almost too embarrassed to type the digits...$0.97. Yep, not a typo. I got them for less than $1. 


I asked the sales associate the reason for the drastic mark down. Answer: winter clearance. Winter clearance? Not in my book...I mean, closet.

I'll share other items that I snagged.

Happy Tuesday.


Here's the look:

Cardigan: Cable and Gauge. Find similar here.
Blouse: Alfani. Worn before
Pants: Old Navy. Find similar here.
Sandals: Bandolino. Find similar here

Pants have a light textured pattern that's hard to pick up on camera.

Try to ignore the "parting of the seas" which are my gray hairs. Time for a touch-up!
Earrings are from my boutique at chloeandisabel.com/boutique/heidir. I have my Tresor key charm (also on my boutique) paired with my Sabika row choker.

A close up of my Tresor key charm

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