Running Around, The Other Woman and a Little Midnight Romance

It's not what you think. Honestly. This is just going to be a recap of some of this weekend's events and of course... outfits.

I spent most of Saturday running errands with my boys. And finding the perfect pair of Adidas for my teenager was top on the list (you should know that Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona wears Adidas...why do you think he's such an awesome soccer player?). After hitting four different shoe stores, he finally found a pair...of course not before one of the "employees" at one of the shoe stores (where we DID NOT make a purchase) said to him, "Oh, you're looking for Adidas? Hmmm, you know, not many people are wearing Adidas these days, buddy." Seriously? This is your sales pitch? This is your strategy for earning your commission? Telling people that what they want isn't popular is your secret sales weapon?  Or is this Chapter 4 of Marketing 101: Reverse Psychology, What to Say to Customers When There is Inadequate Inventory? If it is, you need to return this book IMMEDIATELY!

Those who know me, know that I am not a huge planner when it comes to family vacations and/or leisure activities. And in every family, there is at least one planner, and in my family, I'm it. As of today, no family vacation is planned yet.  Last night, my friends texted to see if I wanted to go see The Other Woman with them. And without any hesitation, I texted back, "I'm game." See, no plans. I do much better when other people make the  plans. I have not seen a chick flick (or any flick) in so long, and wow, did I enjoy it. I think I laughed at 95% of the lines and scenes. This could either be because the movie was really funny, or I was really, really desperate for a night out with girls! Maybe a mixture of both.

When I got home from the movies, I was treated to wrapped packages from my hubby and boys. So I leave for two hours, and I come home to presents? I should do this more often. This is typical of my family. No, not the random gifts, but thinking it's a certain day when it's not...like Mother's Day. After telling them several times that Mother's Day is next Sunday (NOT this Saturday!), I opened the packages. They did well...Ralph Lauren's Midnight Romance mixed with chocolate hearts from Dylan's candy. I have worn Romance in the past but not Midnight; it has a sexy, sweet smell and is as delicious as the chocolate hearts that accompanied it.

Since yesterday was apparently Mother's Day in my house, what will next Sunday be? 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Running errands and the movies
Jacket: Sears, super old
Shirt: Calvin Klein
Pants: Old Navy, couple years ago
Sandals: Guess

Statement ring: chloeandisabel.
Link bracelet: Brighton
Watch: Michael Kors

Ring: Pave North South Ring in yellow, chloeandisabel. You can find it on chloeandisabel.com/boutique/heidir

Heart pendant necklace by chloeandisabel. Find here.

Mother's Day gift on Saturday. Love my boys!

Bangles: all chloeandisabel

This is becoming one of my favorite pieces. Find here.

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