Three Shades of Purple

I never read Fifty Shades of Grey, but friends have shared with me (unsolicited of course) different versions of what happened throughout the erotic romance novel. When the novel came out, I remember my then 11-year old, who is a definitely a bookworm (only in the reading sense, not necessarily studying), asked me if I were going to get the book. He told me that it seems to be popular with moms...at least this is what he had heard on morning television. At the time, I think I may have said to him, "Really? That's interesting. I haven't read a good book in a while, maybe I'll get it or download it on our (FAMILY) Kindle." 

Well, that was the end of that idea. 

The more I learned about it on E! or... ET or... Access (apparently I watch a lot of entertainment news), the less I wanted to read it. Why bother? I already know what it's about. And besides, I stopped my subscription to Cosmopolitan when my kids started to read. I did not want them coming to me as I prepared breakfast or dinner and asking, "Mom, do you want to learn how to get a healthy, sexy vagina?" Seriously, an actual article title on front page; or "Mom, do you want to learn the 50 kinky sex moves?" Another actual front-pager. I was not ready for these types of conversations; so I traded in my Cosmo subscription for a more respectable magazine with naked people on the cover, National Geographic. Naked indigenous people on the cover of NG is totally fine. I'm okay with that. 

But what I can admit is that today's OOTD was inspired by a book I never read. I was definitely in a purplish mood today and so was my office mate, Heather. Funny story. Heather shared with me today that her mom did read my blog, but when she discovered that Heather wasn't going to be featured every time, she stopped reading it. I don't like to disappoint...Heather's mom, if you are reading this today, please scroll down to see Heather who also wore purple today. 

Hope you're getting ready for the weekend.



Ignore my wrinkles and just focus on the beautiful crystal pave hoop earrings found here.

Love my Brighton with my c+i.

Purple "reigns" in the office today.
P.S. Heather, please share today's post with your mom.

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