An Unexpected Encounter

I took the day off mainly to clean my house, put up some (more) Christmas decorations, and spend the day with my boys. But in between all of that, my husband suggested that we go to Sears to switch our tires to the SNOW tires!! Yes, it is snowing again.

My first thought was, "Heck, no. I am NOT going to spend my day off switching tires." But I quickly thought again, "This could be a great opportunity to sneak in shopping." Regular shopping, not Christmas shopping...that would have taken too much thinking, and I was not in the mood to think. Just shop.

So, to my pleasant surprise, I encountered my very best friend, Vicki. Not at Sears but at the Bon Ton. She, unlike me, was Christmas shopping. 

And where did she find me? Yep. The jewelry section. It was nice looking at jewelry with her and predicting what I would wear versus what she would wear. Small and dainty = Vicki. Big and bold= me. Do you think that the jewelry you put on mimics your personality? Something to think about.

I made out really well. All the pieces I found were discounted 50% the sale price. I am not sure what I will pair the pieces with, but I am sure that inspiration will come when I least expect it. Maybe even while inspecting my snow tires.

So overall this was a productive day:

1. Had a quick meeting with Vicki;
2. Changed tires;
3. Spent the day with the boys;
4. Put up more Christmas decorations;
5. And Bought 2 necklaces and a ring.

I love this necklace. The coral stone is gorgeous. I think it would look good against something navy colored. 

I could not resist this tassel necklace. Find similar here

I wanted to show you what it looks like against a dark background.
This ring reminds me of the Trilogy ring (here) that Stella & Dot sells. I did not pay as much for it though. And I like that the stones are different shapes and colors.

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