It's About Giving

No secret Santa this year. This is what we decided NOT to do because our office staff is getting just too large--too large that we even outgrew our new, spacious facility. It's funny (or maybe not) but I sometimes see people in the office and wonder what the heck they're doing in the building. And when this happens, I instinctively ask, "Is someone helping you (because I have no clue who you are)?" And the response is sometimes (not always), "Yes, someone is helping me. Thank you." But what they really meant to say is, "Lady, who died and made you the office police. Where is your badge? And who are YOU anyway?" 

So instead of participating in a secret Santa gift exchange this year, we decided to donate to the 3 outreach programs that our organization runs. These programs serve children in the city's low-income neighborhoods. These programs deserve their own post soon.

But even though we did not have a gift exchange, this didn't stop some co-workers from still giving gifts. And I was the recipient of some generous and thoughtful gifts. But I know the season isn't about purses, pinot and perfume. It's really about love. I'm trying not be to mawkishly sentimental (really) but Mother Teresa (I can't help it) once said, "It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."

Well, I definitely felt the love with these gifts. Again, I work with some pretty amazing people who really know me well.

Basket of goodies.
 Necklaces,zippered pouch,stemless wine glasses,wine glass,bottle of wine, soap and gift cards. And of course the basket courtesy of Harry and David. 

A Bottle of Misterio wine. Learn more about it here.
Harry&David is probably one of my of my favorite gourmet stores. And since the nearest store is in Washington, PA at the Tanger Outlets of Washington, I have to rely on the internet and good friends. This basket was stuffed with goodies. What I like to do is share the love and share some of my goodies with my friends.They deserve some of this too. You can purchase the basket my family received (from very good friends) here. It is the Heartside Gift Basket Grand Deluxe. Here is a little secret: sometimes T.J.Maxx & HomeGoods carries some of Harry&David products. 

This zippered pouch is from Mexico. My friend got it for me while on vacation. Something definitely has to be said for friends who think of you while they're on vacation. Maybe my sending her an email about a contract that needs approved made her think of me while sipping spiked ponche de frutas (for my non-Spanish speaking readers, this is Spanish for fruit punch.)

This wine glass is perfect. Why? Because diamonds are a girl's best friend--along with chocolate, warm lotion and a good night's sleep (at least 6 hours).

Frosted Plum Berry soap. Perfect!

I actually saw this necklace one year ago on one of co-workers. I remember telling her how pretty it is and that I actually have earrings with the same metal and stones. She purchased it while at a conference in Atlanta--perks of leaving the office. She surprised me by giving it to me. Can't wait to wear it.

What will you be exchanging this Christmas? Remember, it's about love!



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