Work + Shopping = Great Day!

This is why I LOVE my job as an education director: it is unpredictable! We had a meeting today with one of our very good clients. No. Excellent clients. And as meetings go, it was informative and successful. But before the meeting even started, there was confusion as to the meeting place. To make a long story (but I really want to be more descriptive but need to get to the really good part the involves scents and spas) short, we had about 1/2 hour to kill while waiting for our business meeting. What to do? What to do? SHOP! We headed to one of our favorite stores: Elaine's Wearable Art This boutique is addictive. Yes, I am addicted to Elaine. And her art. Without fail, the merchandise always screams at me as soon as enter. Sometimes I can ignore them, but today the screams were undeniable. The store was packed. It's nice to know that other people are addicted too. 

I did well today. What do you think?

I love THYMES lotions. They never disappoint. Today I picked up the Olive Leaf body lotion. My grandma used to lather her hair with olive oil. This scent reminds me of her.

9.25 fl oz bottle

How could you go wrong with something that is "simply wholesome, naturally nourishing"?

I also got this Prym Necklace (find here). I plan on layering it with some of my Sabika pieces. Don't you just love the satchel?

And....I also got this beautiful cross necklace. My friend picked it out for me. I had to be a good friend and buy it. Right? You can find it at Brighton. 

The back of the cross says, "May angels keep you safe." Not only beautiful but will also protect me.

I'll explain the nail polish in the background tomorrow. 

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