Sabika Mystery Unraveled

This post is dedicated to all you Sabika sisters out there. You know who you are. Rest assured. Precious pieces that you purchased from a Sabika consultant are indeed authentic. I know that I may have caused mass pandemonium by slightly suggesting that our pieces (earrings to be specific) may not be authentic. I even entertained thoughts of conspiracy theories. But again, rest assured. Our consultant is not, I repeat, is not making counterfeit pieces in her basement. How can I be certain? I called her. My exact words were, "Hi, (consultant name). I have a Sabika emergency!" 

I think she thought I dropped an earring and it shattered. Or needed a piece for Christmas in a hurry...which, as a side note, you can still get from her. Nope. I wanted to know if the hundreds of dollars I spent (and you, my Sabika sisters spent) were on authentic pieces. After all, I did do extensive research on this. And I did report that my earrings (none of which) have the Sabika plate, logo or heart stamp. 

After grasping the intent of my call, my consultant did reassure me that my earrings are indeed authentic even though they don't have the Sabika "stamp."  Apparently, the Sabika stamp on the earrings only appeared very recently. Why? Well, frankly, because of all the fakes out there and people buying them *cough*, the company decided to do something about it. And hence, the Sabika stamp on the earrings was born.

And like a true Sabika sister, I confessed my sin. I told my consultant that I purchased a fake. And I also added that I am happy with my purchase thus far ( I would like to report that I did not break out in a rash or anything of the sort). And like the caring, compassionate consultant she is, I was forgiven. Sigh! More than forgiven. She thanked me for my input and will take it back to corporate headquarters. She is going to tell them that they need to issue "something" to all the Sabika sisters (who have been wearing the brand longer than I have) that their pieces are real and that the stamp is new. I am sure that they are going to feel as if they have a pair of Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour LE on without the Swoosh. Maybe not. Sabika needs to come out with an athletic line.

But...I didn't want to push my luck with her and tell her... that I purchased two more pieces. Yikes! Hey, sometimes too much information is NOT a good thing. 

Will I be sporting my new earrings? Well, I gave a pair to my mom today; disclosing that they are not REAL. Her concern? Where I purchased them. I promised her that I did not get in a van. I was honest; I told her that I got them from a consignment store. Her reaction was almost identical to my consultant's reaction when I told her that I had a Sabika emergency. No kidding. Honest to God. She said, "Did these belong to a dead person?" 

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Sabika stamp or plate near clasp

Sabika plate


One more

Just too darn beautiful to be a fake

How Fun Sweet Choker

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