A Casual Conversation Over Dinner

We went over to my parent's (or affectionately called Heebolla) house for dinner tonight. As we sat at the table, eating our last non-vegan meal, which consisted of rice kofta (a family recipe that I will have to share someday) with potato cubes and rice, before lent (even though the fast officially began last week) we started comparing old people to babies. You can imagine the comparisons. From diaper wearing to stroller pushing, the comparisons seemed infinite. And putting everything into a Biblical perspective, as he always does, my dad suggested that I read the last chapter of Ecclesiastes. And as the good daughter I am, I did without asking him why.

Verse 5, literally brought me to tears.  Don't know why; don't know how. "For man goes to his eternal home, and the mourners go about the streets."

I will definitely have to follow-up with Heeb tomorrow and ask him why?

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