Sunday Best

I had to share this outfit today. Anytime I have the chance to wear my Zara (old) crystal necklace I do. My mom tells me that my jewelry is the cause of my neck pain.

I'm wearing my Sabika (real ones I promise) mega drops. 

I don't always like Tommy Hilfiger clothing on me, but this dress spoke to me. The Maine (olive) green works with my skin tone. And who says Lands' End clothing has to always be rugged. I love this foil dots, bracelet sleeve shirt (that's a mouthful) under my sweater dress. 

Here is the look:

Dress: Tommy Hilfiger @ Macy's
Shirt: Lands' End. Find here. 
Necklace: Zara, old.  
Eye shadow: Lancome, All That Glitters in Lustrous. Buy here. 
Mascara: Lancome, Definicils in Deep Black. As a side note, I am truly in love with this mascara. I recently told one of the make-up consultants that I would freak out (and it would be a true make-up emergency) if Lancome stopped making Defincils. She chuckled and reassured me that it's not going away since it's Lancome's best selling mascara. Phew!
Lipstick: Revlon, Toast of New York


  1. Cute! Ps, are you having an issues when uploading pics into blogger? For some reason, if I do a straight upload from my desktop, the pic comes out blurry. But if I upload it from Photobucket, it's fine. This is driving me insane!

  2. Thanks Jules. I haven't noticed a problem yet. I'll let you know if I do.